United for Hope India

United for Hope’s Sustainable Village Tours and Guesthouses in Rural India

Have you ever dreamed of exploring rural India and making a difference?  United for Hope is an international nonprofit that offers intrepid travelers the opportunity to discover the real India through their social tourism venture Tirmasahun, India. Alongside their development work in education, social entrepreneurship and community programs, United for Hope’s social tourism is helping to truly transform the lives of both the villagers and the travelers who meet them. 

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Manang, Nepal


Interactive World Map of Where I’ve Been Over the years, I have traveled to over 45 countries and six continents. To see where I’ve been and read related posts, click on country in red. The countries in orange are the countries I’ve visited but have not written about on my blog and the countries in blue…

Vanam Foundation: Improving Education and Conservation outside Bandipur National Park

About 230 km (143 miles) away from Bangalore lies the Bandipur National Park in the district of Chamarajnagar. Tucked around the stunning Western Ghat Mountains in Karnataka, Bandipur National Park is regarded as one of the most beautiful parks in India and is home to many types of wildlife including tigers, elephants and gaurs (a type of bull) as well as…

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2018 Gifts that Give Back Guide for the Holidays

For the past four years, I have curated an ever growing list of amazing Gifts that Give Back. My guide has become so popular that I have devoted an entire page on my blog that is updated frequently and features these wonderful organizations and the causes they support. Whether it be fighting hunger, gender inequality or providing educational or income opportunities, there are a ton of ways you can use your buying power as a consumer to do good and make a difference in someone’s life.

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LifeStraw Follow the Liters

The Hidden Cost of Consumer Consumption and Water Scarcity

Did you know that 2.1 billion people around the world live without safe drinking water affecting their health, wellbeing, education and livelihoods? While ensuring access of safe water to all by 2030 per UN Sustainable Development Goal 6, this goal is becoming harder to achieve due to climate change, lack of political will and even the hidden cost of consumer products. Learn more about what you as a consumer can do to make a difference.

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Mkura Maasi Training Camp Tanzania

How We As Consumers Can “Buy The Change You Want To See”

“Buy The Change You Want To See: Use Your Purchasing Power to Make the World a Better Place” written by Jane Mosbacher Morris (Founder and CEO of TO THE MARKET) with writer Wendy Paris, discusses how every day people can harness their purchasing power for good and make a difference in the world. Whether it be by purchasing ethically made apparel, coffee, chocolate or goods, consumers and businesses are becoming more aware of the importance of purchasing ethically sourced and made goods to help solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. Check out my review of Jane’s book in this post.

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