It has taken me awhile to complete my series of posts on hiking in Vanoise National Park, France. Although I’ve been busy writing about other stuff, sometimes it is hard to say goodbye to a lovely travel experience. I only have two posts left on this fantastic trip I took three months ago and only one post in particular in the mountains!

So here are views leaving the magnificent Alps and returning to civilization. When I look back overt all 800+ photos I took during this trip, I realize that my heart still remains in the mountains and I’ll be back….

Au revoir les Alps!

Our last hike was a short one thankfully because it was blistery hot. Summer was heating up in the Alps and I could hardly wait to get back to town and take my first real shower without a token.

Brilliant blue sky yet steamy hot sun…..

I wanted to take a dip in the river to cool off!

Got to love the older couple out for a hike!  In forty or so years, I hope this is my husband and I!  Knowing me, we will!

Stay tuned…


      1. you and your family Izmir / Turkey, welcome guests to visit one day I would be happy to not see any of these places before, I suggest you investigate these areas are already very frklı and beautiful VIRGIN MARY EFES Izmir is given in the meantime,

    1. Yes, the Alps are spectacular! I was only there for 6 days hiking but it was three months ago. Wish it was for three months! But don’t think my husband or young kids would have liked it! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Yes, it is beautiful!!!! Glad you enjoyed and yes, definitely add hiking to your list of must do for France! It is the best way to see a place! 🙂

  1. I love this post and can totally relate to your not wanting to say goodbye to such a wonderful experience. It really is great having photos (they’re spectacular, by the way!!) that will instantly take you back to those moments. Thanks much for sharing!

  2. Thank you for taking us along, Nicole! Though our Alps hiking in Dolomite (in 2011) was not as adventure as yours, you post reminded how much I wanted to go back…

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