Reaching a child’s fifth birthday is the focus of several campaigns out there to raise awareness, support and funding for the Child Survival Call to Action. In 2010, 7.6 million children died from preventable causes. Although this figure has improved over the last few decades, it is still a tragedy and unacceptable.

Esther Madudu, a frontline health care worker. Photo Source: Save the Children.

Save the Children, the leading, independent organization working to create lasting change for child in need in the United States and around the globe, has partnered with the Frontline Health Workers Coalition to launch the first ever REAL Awards to honor some of the amazing, dedicated health workers around the world. Many of these Front Line Health Care Workers provide the only medical intervention available to the millions who live in poor, remote areas of the world. The REAL Awards will be a way to honor, respect and appreciate the amazing difference that Front Line Health Care workers are achieving.

“Every year, awards are given to recognize the accomplishments of celebrities, actors, singers, athletes and entertainers,” said Mary Beth Powers, Campaign Chief for Save the Children’s Newborn and Child Survival Campaign. “Alongside the Oscars and Golden Globes in January, we will begin to honor a group of people who rarely receive recognition or accolades — health workers.”

Check out this inspirational video behind the REAL Awards and see the “real” people who walk the red carpet.

Front Line Health Care workers play a significant role in helping reduce child and infant mortality as well as assist with issues before, during and after childbirth, HIV-AIDS and other diseases that can be treated. Currently there is a global shortage of health workers estimated at over 5 million worldwide including one million frontline health care workers. As the gap increases in the developed world, it is bound to increase even more so in the developing world.

Dr. Hajara Niima Kere. Photo Source: Save the Children.

Per Save the Children, “it is estimated that every 3 seconds, a child’s death is prevented thanks to care provided by a frontline health worker. But many don’t have all the support and supplies that they need to do their jobs well, and hundreds of thousands more are needed to end preventable deaths and to tackle the challenges of chronic diseases that need to be managed regularly.”

Follow along on a day in the life of an Ethiopian Front Line Health Care Worker. I like to include video clips because it brings the world closer to you and lets you get a glimpse of how other people live and survive. (Note: This video is not graphic yet shows a large pregnant belly in case any viewers are queasy!).

How you can participate in the REAL Awards:

  • Learn more:
  • Encourage members of Congress to support Frontline Health Workers through House resolution 734.
  • Check out the inspirational stories of the international REAL Awards honorees and nominate a health worker in the United States at until November 29, 2012. Winners will be announced the week of January 13, 2013.

This post was written on behalf of my partnership with Global Team of 200, a group of bloggers writing to promote awareness and change the world. 


    1. You’re welcome! There is a lot of good happening out there and a lot of amazing people like the Front Line Health Care workers who are saving lives on a daily basis.

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