Exciting news! I’ve teamed up with Lokal Travel to share their Ultimate Sustainable Travel Sale. For the next month Lokal is offering discounted gift cards and deals on unique bucketlist adventures, so you can give (or receive) the gift of meaningful travel. From expeditions in the Amazon with indigenous guides to stays in family-run guesthouses in the Himalayas, Lokal makes it easy to book hundreds of incredible trips that support local communities, protect nature and preserve cultural traditions. Through Third Eye Mom you’re getting early access and month long deals to Lokal’s launch specials. Deals include:

  • $100 Gift Card for $50
  • $1,000 Gift Card and custom trip plan for $750
  • Over 30% off a Costa Rica Jungle and Community Adventure (which I did this past January and it was amazing!).
  • Lots more!

Lokal Travel, a platform that allows intrepid travelers to book immersive local experiences and adventures around the world has launched an incredible Indiegogo campaign. From November 12-December 12, 2017, the campaign is offering extraordinary travel adventures that will help Lokal launch in ten new countries and support 1,000 inspiring local business. It is a brilliant concept and as a traveler who has experienced one of Lokal’s life-changing trips this past January to the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, I am getting itchy feet just sitting here reading about the amazing deals!

From expeditions in the Amazon with indigenous guides to stays in family-run guesthouses in the Himalayas, Lokal makes it easy to book hundreds of incredible trips that support local livelihoods, protect nature and preserve cultural traditions. Better yet, at Lokal over 80% of every dollar you spend goes directly to independent, locally-run and vetted travel businesses who are creating amazing experiences and real benefits for communities. Pretty fantastic!

Here is more information on this exciting sale and a few of my photos from my past trip to get you wanting to click on over now and book your next adventure.

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Canoeing down a private lagoon was one of the many highlights I had during my week in the Osa.

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Lokal Travel handpicks adventures that offer a genuine chance to experience local life. For example, you can canoe through a private lagoon in the Costa Rican rainforest or learn a traditional Cambodian musical instrument from a local master or staying in a handcrafted eco lodge with the Lisu Hill Tribe of northern Thailand. Lokal’s growing network of local partners and trusted communities offer one-of-a-kind experiences.

Traditional Sugar Cane Milling in Costa Rica

Photo taken of me on my recent trip to Costa Rica. Thank you Eytan for taking this one!

About Lokal Travel:

“We’ve built a platform where travelers can discover and book experiences that directly support local livelihoods, protect natural wonders and preserve cultural traditions. There are plenty of sites for booking chain hotels, bus tours or empty apartments – we think it should be just as easy to book expeditions through the Amazon with indigenous guides or stays in community-run lodges in the Andes.” – Lokal Travel

Cascada Naguala Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

Why choose Lokal Travel?

Lokal represents a unique kind of travel opportunity to experience local life in untouched, remote and rural areas around the world. Places that most travelers would never ever dream of experiencing and a much needed income to preserve a way of life. All trips work to support local communities by putting money directly into the hands of locals and supporting work to preserve natural and cultural heritage. Generally, only 5% of money spent by tourism around the world goes back into local hands however with Lokal Travel 80% of the money is reinvested back into the community. It is a fantastic way to promote sustainable, responsible travel.

Special perk: For my readers, up to 50% discount for the entire month sale. (For public, special launch deals end this Thursday). To book your next adventure, click here

Want to learn more? Please check out my own personal testimonial from my epic trip to the Osa Peninsula last January with one of Lokal Travel’s founders, Eytan E.

Lokal Travel: Connecting conscious travelers with unique local experiences

My Journey Begins: My Adventure to the Osa Peninsula 

Exploring Rural Tourism in Dos Brazos de Tigre

An Overnight Stay in the Heart of the Jungle 

A Slice of Heave at Cascada Naguala Ecolodge


  1. I’ll have to give this a closer look. Too bad I just booked a whole Ecuador trip for January – this might have been good for my sister and me. Next time!

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