1. hmunro

    OH MY WORD. You are such a wonderful travel writer! Between your beautiful photos and your descriptive narrative I felt as if I’d been right by your side. Thank you!

      • hmunro

        I can indeed imagine you spending hours on this post — it really does show in the quality of the writing. And of course your magnificent photos help too. 🙂 Sometimes I get a bit jealous when friends get to travel to some far-off place. But in your case? Never. You approach your travels with such an open heart and bring back such wonderful stories and cultural insights that all I can do is sit back in wonder and savor your adventures.

      • hmunro

        I wouldn’t say I enjoy your posts … I would say I LOVE them! 🙂 Everything about them: The humanity with which you approach your travels, the attention you pay to the quiet moments and the details most other people miss, and the thought you put into your writing. I can tell it’s a labor of love for you — and that deserves to be honored and celebrated. So please keep at it. You’re making at least one person’s world bigger and brighter with your posts!

      • Thank you so much! What wonderful words to hear! It is a labor of love. I started six years ago blogging and never stopped. So hearing how much you like my blog really means a lot. 🙂

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    • Thanks Janet! I love rural tourism. It is really quite the experience. I was so immersed in culture that week and language. It was amazing and it felt great knowing that my money was helping promote these experiences and sustainable travel.

  3. What an awesome adventure Nicole. Learning about the medicinal plants would certainly be in my area of interest. How exciting for Xiña. I wish her well with the opening up of travel to her jungle home. Wonderful post 🌸🌸

    • Yes it was quite the experience. I wish I took more notes of all the plant names and what medicinal properties they hold. I realized that we most likely get a lot of our medicines from these plants. It is pretty amazing! More coming soon so stay tuned!

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