• Si! This is my second time to Costa Rica and out of all of Latin America it is one of my most favorite countries. It is gorgeous, full of life and the people have a way of living that just makes you feel amazing. I would definitely plan a trip there! There were a lot of Europeans there when I visited. I know there are so good flights. 🙂

      • Costa Rica has actually been on my radar for a while as my next volunteering project, although it will be a couple years I think before I get there. Hadn’t considered travelling around though and no idea where the project is in relation to that peninsula. Will definitely keep this in mind when the time comes!

      • Sounds amazing. What kind of volunteer work do you want to do in CR? I volunteered there about six years ago at an old people’s home. That is when I fell in love with CR. The people are amazing!

      • I’m a vet so I usually volunteer at charity-run veterinary clinics, or failing that an animal rescue charity. I’ve had my eye on a sloth orphanage for a while, or World Vets, which runs worldwide projects to offer free veterinary care in impoverished places may run a project there at some point that I’ll join.

      • Oh that is so cool! There are many opportunities to help out I’m sure and actually there is an animal rescue sanctuary in the heart of the Osa, in Puerto Jimenez! My friend visited it and they work on rehabilitating animals like sloths, monkeys and so forth. Now that would be a really cool place to help out at! I’m sure you can find it if you google it. If not let me know.

  1. it has always been a dream of mind to travel your photo’s and description is motivation for me to say hey single mother of two heck so what i should still be able to see the world heck i will take my children with me let them see the world too.

    • Thanks Alison! This post took some time as it is hard to put the trip into words. I’m hoping from now on it flows better and this time I brought a journal and wrote every day to help me remember details. Got that trick from you!

  2. It sounds like your trip and mine to Cuba both came at a time when we desperately needed them but had done little to really prepare and think about them! I’ve never felt so unready for a trip as I did this one; we totally winged it and of course everything turned out just fine. I almost didn’t go. The stress of the holidays and packing up our 20+-year home with the kids, plus the apartment moves, job changes, etc. really made me just want to curl up in a ball. You are right that I would LOVE the adventure you just had! I am going to look at the company’s offerings, and I can’t wait to read more about your trip.

    • Wow, that sounds like you had a ton going on Lexi. I felt pretty overwhelmed too and literally just packed my stuff with no idea what I was doing and went. It was the most freeing thing I’ve done in a long time. And yes, I know you would LOVE LOVE LOVE this trip. Lokal is running a few more this summer, a couple to Costa Rica and a new one to Guatemala. I don’t know if it is up on the web but if you are interested let me know as I can maybe get you a discount. You would truly enjoy this trip! I thought of you while I was on it. 🙂

  3. Good for you that you tossed your concerns aside and got yourself to Osa Peninsula. Even just getting there seems like a lovely experience. And as always you captured some beautiful images.

    • Thanks Otto! It was my first time really experiencing the jungle too and I was amazed by how incredibly spiritual it was. The sounds, the animals, the flowers, the birds. Everything.

    • Thanks Louise! The lagoon was pretty amazing. There were so many birds and hearing the howler monkeys in the distance was pretty surreal. They truly roar. I am amazed by how spiritual the jungle felt to me.

  4. What an adventure Nicole. Good for you to overcome any uncertainty and jump right in. The waterfalls look astounding and I really enjoyed the little video clips too.

    • Thanks Sue! This was by far one of the best trips I’ve done in a long time. It was so adventurous and made me feel so incredibly alive. I loved it. We are taking our kids to CR this April for spring break. It will be their first real out of country adventure. I am so excited. We are doing mostly the north and have picked out lots of fun activities to whet their appetite for travel!

  5. Oh Nicole – you make the rest of us feel like bumps on a log!!! I often wonder about your husband and children as you fly off to save the world but knowing you they are content and busy as they await your return! Hope the adventure is/was wonderful!

    • It was really amazing Tina. I’m back now and working on writing up all the content. I am so fortunate to have such a supportive husband. It is not easy leaving. I get pretty stressed out but the good news is I come back reenergized and ready to go. 🙂

  6. I felt myself decompressing just reading your post Nicole. I should have taken the time to read this a couple of weeks ago to help relieve my stress. Can’t wait to read more.

      • Glad to hear that Nicole. I have a meeting that I am attending Wed night. If anything substantive comes out of that meeting regarding next steps, I will send you our thoughts. I am trying not to let this consume me but trying to stay informed…a very difficult balance. On a lighter subject, hubby and I are hoping to spend the summer as program assistants for field seminars in Yellowstone. We are going through the interview process now.

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