1. What a beautiful place and wonderful work, Nicole. Our older daughter and I spend five days in Costa Rica and had a marvelous time (not in this place, though.) Have to go back again, I guess. 🙂


  2. I’m so impressed with these guys, and thrilled to find out about them. We’re hoping to go to Costa Rica over the winter so I think we very well may do one of their trips there.

  3. Nothing beats traveling and seeing a place like the locals do. Love it. Such a brilliant way of promoting sustainable travel, thanks Nicole for enlightening us.

  4. Nicole as you know I have been mulling about the impact of tourism for some time but especially since our trip to Peru. It left me unsettled. So fascinating to read what is being done in Costa Rica. Sustainable travel is more here than a catchy phrase.

    • Yes the more we travel and see things the more we realize how much things should be preserved. I wasn’t as aware of it until I started really thinking hard about the issues and reading more.

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