1. How can your hosts look so happy without the required viewing of television? Will you be able to survive electronic deprivation? Stay tuned (?) for the next posting!
    I am enjoying your travels, of course.

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    • I didn’t have a hot shower until I got back. It was like this in Nepal too but there it was much much colder so I hardly washed my hair when I did the two week trek. The icy water felt numbing in Nepal but at least it is so hot in Costa Rica that it was ok. The things we take for granted! Yes, this was a lovely place to stay!

  3. Ah, this sounds absolutely amazing, Nicole. I had a somewhat similar experience when I traveled to Guatemala while I was studying abroad. I was disappointed with the week-long project placement I was assigned–a stay on a coffee farm–because I had hopes and expectations of working at a school. When I finally let go of my expectations and just embraced what was, I had one of the most amazing weeks of my entire semester. I can totally imagine myself sitting down with your hosts and just enjoying time together–it sounds like you had an incredible experience.

    P.S. That gallo pinto looks so delish and makes me miss CR!

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