“Americans may cringe watching their own election at close range. But the world’s reaction has been even more poignant and foreboding. People in small and distant countries who count on the U.S. to stand up for democratic values have been astonished to see the essential components –  a free press, the rule of law, respect for the outcome of elections – trammeled. Long-standing allies have been left to wonder whether the essential American character has changed, and whether the United States can be relied on when it  counts”. – Washington Post, “World Watches, Winces”. 


If you are like me, then you are probably sick and tired of even thinking about the horrendous United States Presidential Election. Never before have we experienced such a chaotic, turbulent election fit only for a trashy reality tv show. It is darn right deplorable and I have done my best to not discuss it on my blog which has been very difficult for me since my blog is all about using my voice.

We are sadly at a time when you must be extremely careful using your voice and even mentioning politics. A time where people go after you if you view things differently. Where journalists on “the other side” are targeted with hostility, hate and death threats if they speak up. What on earth has happened to our so-called democracy? What has happened to the founding belief in freedom, liberty and justice for all? We have made a laughingstock of ourselves and our beliefs. We live in fear where the media plays on us to make more money by sputtering nonsense. We can’t even put up a political lawn sign or comment on Facebook for fears that we will be mocked, targeted and trolled. This is not the America I’ve always believed in. This is not the America I want my children to be raised in.

Xela, Guatemala

I am so utterly disgusted, saddened and heartbroken by what has become of our country. At times I feel so hopeless, I just want to give up. Pack our bags and leave. But sadly it is not only America that is threatened. Europe too is feeling strained and stretched with an ever growing refugee crisis and a rise themselves in the extreme right and nationalistic sentiments. Scary things are happening there too. Hatred, intolerance and disrespect for humankind is growing other places besides the backwaters of the United States.

So I ask where is the utopia?

There are a few places that may fit the bill but we all know that utopia does not truly exist. Certainly the devil’s advocate and my inner traveling voice tell me that there are so many places that are so much worse. Think of all the places where people are dying every single day and have no hope. Think of other countries where you can’t even speak up against authority in threat of imprisionment or death. Yes it could be so much worse. Yet I still am truly frightened for our future, no matter who wins. I am terrified of what we have become and what my children will inherit.


I have always been an optimistic dreamer. Let’s hope that we will be able to mend ourselves after all the damage that has been done and somehow move forward as a nation. Let’s hope.

This post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos. 


    1. Yes. This has been a really hard time to try to explain too to my son who is 12 and having to watch the debates for school. We are trying to use it as a learning experience yet it’s been a challenge.

  1. The whole world waits with bated breath. I’m sick of hearing about it and I don’t even live there and unfortunately the election date won’t be the end of it either. If the Brexit debacle in my native UK is anything to go by I’ve been appalled by some of the bigotry that has risen up there including in friends. Times really are becoming unstable. It’s sad.

    1. Me too. I was really disappointed when I heard the news on Brexit and now I see it is still being debated again. We are facing tough times. I’m trying to use it as a teaching experience for my kids in hopes that the future will be brighter. But some things are hard to explain!

  2. We have been through worse challenges, times through which great men brought us. And, yes, these too are times that try men’s souls, but never let the sacrifices made for our country have been in vain.

    1. Yes so true. Many wars some necessary and others not. I just wish there wasn’t so much hatred. I know there are lots of kin people too yet the rise in intolerance scares me.

    1. Yes I’ve decided that I can do my best and vote, be a kind, accepting person, continue to blog about it, and teach my children well. Other than that, not much more I can do.

    1. I do too Debra but unfortunately what he has started has long been brewing and it only shows us that there is a huge side of Americans who are thrilled that they can finally voice how they really feel and openly hate. It is terrifying to me. Absolutely terrifying. When you look at the statistics too, a huge percentage of his support comes from white, uneducated men (without a college degree). As the demographics and ethnic/cultural make-up of this country changes and it will significantly changed by 2050, what will they do? It is going to be scary.

  3. We watch and wait and hope your country will find some way to mend the tensions when this is all over. Even though we aren’t in the same country it has dominated our media for a very long time. To join a chorus of Canadians “We think you already are great America.”

    1. Well we all joke over here that we wish we could move north to Canada. It seems like Canada is really heading in the right direction. I wonder what the US will be like in the next 20-30 years as we become even more of a melting pot than we are today?

      1. Well there seems to be quite an interest in our guest bedroom from American friends I will say. I hope once tomorrow has passed the US can get on to positive and productive actions. Hang in there. We’ll be watching tomorrow that’s for certain.

    1. Yes I feel the exact same way Louise. And yes you are so incredibly helpful. I seem to be having a lot of typos these days. Don’t know what is going on except perhaps chaos in my own mind and I sincerely appreciate you being my editor! I’m one person so another pair of eyes is great! Will try to proofread more!!! Thanks my friend.

  4. Nicole, I am an eternal optimist and I believe that there are many lessons we can learn from this turbulent election. For starters, we are stronger together, which is why I will not abandon my family and friends who are misguided Trump supporters.
    We have to remain positive, focused, and determined to make things better for our children, which will take a lot of work and commitment. We have to be the role models for our children because they certainly aren’t getting appropriate role models from the many angry candidates and their supporters.
    Everything will be over on Wednesday morning. Since I am in New Zealand, I will start the KIwi celebration 19 hours earlier than you with our historic first Madam President. Don’t worry! The only utopia that exists is within, and it changes everyday. Be happy my dear friend.

    1. That is good to hear Debbie! I saw a sign up in our very liberal neighborhood for Trump. It is the only one I’ve seen and the owner put a huge homemade sign that said “Trump 1776” and I nearly fainted. I desperately wanted to ask this man if he truly means to bring our country back to the days of slavery and before women can vote! It is so darn scary.

  5. So, so weary, but so important to continue to stay engaged — rational, thoughtful voices and votes must continue to be heard! I am calling for one of the hotly contested congressional races tomorrow evening, and then will stay up Tuesday evening as long as it takes to call the Presidential race … so much ugliness in our society unveiled this election. I believe love and unity can prevail. #ImWithHer #StrongerTogether #LoveTrumpsHate

    1. Me too Kat. I see Trump was in Duluth yesterday trying to stir things up. I’m relieved that a majority of Minnesota is a BLUE state. After this election, I’ve realized that there are many states I could never ever live in.

  6. I do hope whatever the outcome, whoever the new leader, there is a way to move forward after all this, to join people for a common goal, our future together as people. We here, I live in Belgium, watch the daily news or should I say soap about the elections with growing disbelief, not that we are free from political scandals over here in Europe, far from it. It just seems to me that the more important the job and its weight in economic and political circles, the common sense and respect seem to diminish!

    1. Me too! Believe me. On another note, I’ve read a lot about Belgium and the issues you’ve faced with integrating all the new immigrants into the community especially in the outskirts of Brussels. So we are not alone I guess. We all must learn to tolerate and accept as the world is changing and the ethnic/cultural make-up of our countries is definitely changing. Wish us luck tomorrow!

  7. I echo your comments Nicole. Ignorance, bigotry, caustic rhetoric, and hatred have seemed to replace tolerance, kindness, and embracing diversity. I worry for all of us and particularly for those raising small children in this environment. I shy away from expressing any of my political beliefs online, but have to admit to the desire to move to another country if a certain person wins this election. I know I can’t run away and there are still so many good people in this country, but we seem to be on a world stage right now where we are showing everyone just what an ‘ugly American’ looks like. It is so very sad and scary and I worry it will not change after the election. I keep telling myself to continue embracing kindness and compassion for all, doing my part, but it sometimes feels like those of us working towards this goal are losing the fight. I am anxious to see if things calm down a bit after this fiasco is over, when all the ugliness is not so in our faces. What a horrific example we are setting for the rest of the world.

    1. Me too LuAnn. I’m sick about it but have realized now that I have done all I possibly can. I will vote tomorrow and then hope we can get through the outcome. It is scary!!!!

      1. That is how I feel. I have already voted and will now be praying for a good outcome and peaceful days ahead.

  8. Amen and bravo- always use your voice. There may be repercussions, but the repercussions of being silent are far worse, and include the guilt we feel for not speaking up when we should.

    1. Oh thank you so much! Yes one can’t let fear get in the way. We are so lucky especially as women to have the right to speak and be heard. In so many countries, women cannot.

    1. Yes no matter what happens, it shows how divided we are as a nation and who ever wins, I fear the future is scary. Oh well. We do our best and vote. At least we have the right to vote! 🙂

    1. Thank you Andrew. I laughed when I heard that the Canadian immigration website crashed after the election. Not sure if it is true but I was so tempted to click it! 🙂 I feel we have so much work to do. We are so divided and there is so much intolerance for each other and each side. Yet the election has empowered me even more to fight for my beliefs and keep our country a free, welcoming, and open place to all.

  9. Danke für deine Gedanken, die ich nachvollziehen kann.
    Meiner Meinung nach hat das Volk genug von den politischen Eliten, die nur für Wirtschaft, Finanzen und Erhaltung der Macht politisieren und denen die Belange und Sorgen der normalen Bürger gleichgültig sind. Die gleichen Zeichen gibt es übrigens auch in Europa (Le Pen Frankreich. AFD Deutschland, Horvat Ungarn). Für mioh war der ganze Wahlkampf inszeniert und für Amerika unwürdig. Ernst, Switzerland.

    1. “Thanks for your thoughts, I can understand.
      In my opinion, the people have had enough of the political elites who are only politicizing for the economy, finance and the preservation of power, which are indifferent to the concerns and concerns of ordinary citizens. The same signs also exist in Europe (Le Pen France, AFD Germany, Horvat Hungary). For mioh, the whole election campaign was staged and unworthy of America. Ernst, Germany.”

      Yes the entire campaign was HORRIFYINGLY bad. I agree. The sad thing is that Trump is about as elite as you can get. He is crazy rich, and despite his words of getting rid of the establishment he is already appointing them to his cabinet. Politics have gotten out of control. We are working on hate and dividing our country even more.

      Both sides now are fighting each other and being cruel. It is sad. Yet there are also a lot of positive things happening too. My hope is that Trump is not as bad as he has insinuated. I will still never forgive him for using hatred and spite to get elected. He is a horrible man. Despite what people thought about Clinton, at least she didn’t use hate, rage and anger to campaign. I truly hope he was all talk just like his locker room talk. Only time will tell. But now it is time for us to come together and work together, not be divided.

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