1. Nicole when we kayaked in the Baja we spent some time in mangroves just like this. I found it fascinating. always wonderful to find a small tour that is so educational besides being beautiful.

  2. I was looking at those tangled branches and wondering how a kayak paddle could move freely, and then you answered my mental question in the next paragraph! Looks like a great day out on the water. I’m already missing warm weather and it’s not even cold yet! Not a good sign …

  3. That looks like some great exploring, great to see nature thrive so close to human activity and how vital it is to keep the whole area in shape! Great read and watch as always, greetings, Ron.

  4. Fantastic adventure, Nicole! I always love kayaking through mangrove forests — somehow it feels like I’m entering a mysterious world with all the weird-looking roots and branches around me. Oh btw, I think it’s better to not lift starfish out of water because according to some sources that I read it might cause stress to them. One of those articles:
    Nevertheless, I really love your photos with all the blue skies. It’s been raining for weeks here in Jakarta.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this article. Our guide is trained and the tour does not accept people from cruise ships given the impact on the environment. Our guide caught the starfish in a net and let us see it. I’m going to call them now and share this finding.

    • Bama, I just got off the phone with the owner and he is actually a marine biologist and disputes this claim. He stated that they are very careful which species of fish can and cannot be handled. He said there is a lot of inaccurate information out there however for the average person who is not a biologist it is best to not pick up any fish or critters since you will not know. This was helpful and I never would have picked up the phone and questioned this if you didn’t bring it up. So thank you!

  5. Wonderful post and what a fabulous adventure Nicole. I think I would love to do that. It sounds like our pace exactly. I’ve never been to Florida, though because of the cost of medical insurance we tend to stay away from the US so I’m happy to learn about it from your posts.

  6. Ein interessanter Bericht über die Mangroven in Florida! Leider zu weit weg von Switzerland 😉 . Ich bin in der Schweiz früher auf Flüssen Kanu gefahren. Danke für’s zeigen. Ernst

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