Author’s note: This is a continuation on my series of trekking La Vanoise National Park in the high Alps of France. To see all posts in this series, click here.

“Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons.”  –Ruth Ann Schabacker

We rose at seven to a misty morning in the mountains. I was a new woman! I had finally slept. Yes I did it! I managed to sleep in a room of 40 fellow smelly hikers head-to-toe, all thanks to my new technique of using my long-sleeved shirt as a mummy wrap around my eyes and ears. Oh how good it felt to finally sleep! I was ready to seize the day…

Morning mist over the Alps gave a mystical effect.

Today’s hike would be a bit longer. After two days of hiking, my legs were feeling a little tight but surprisingly my back was intact. I wasn’t sure how I’d manage carrying a pack since I’ve had a bad neck and upper back for over a third of my life. But my good old back was doing miraculous and it felt great!

As we started out we wondered whether or not the fog would rise. Although we didn’t get to enjoy all the delicious views of the valley, it sure felt nice to not have the sun beating down on you as we ascended up the steep mountain path. As always there was plenty to take pictures of. So much beauty surrounded me it was hard not to smile.

An old abandoned stone dwelling that is typical of traditional pastoral architecture in the high Alps.

Just as we predicted, the clouds began to lift and the sky turned a magnificent deep blue. The sun warmed my soul and the views were stunning. Here are some of my favorite shots along the way.  Hope they make you smile!

“Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift.” – Albert Einstein

It was going to be another stellar day hiking in the Alps. I was rested, joyous and ready to take on the day! Carpe Diem!

Stay tuned….more photos and stories later as we reach the ultimate party refuge in the middle of the mountains!


    1. Thanks….me too!!!! The problem with a wonderful trip is coming home. Not that I don’t love being home with my family but I have such a deep-seated wanderlust….always dreaming!

      1. Nice I can’t wait for the 29th to come. The boys, their nephew and my parents are joining me on a Whale watching week in Hermanus. My mom is counting the days she is 66 and newer saw a whale from close by. It’s going to be an experience and a half for her. Last year was my first time and we only got to the great spots the day before we went home. This time we are going there first…:-)

    1. Thanks! Yes I still pinch myself when I look at these photos remembering how truly beautiful it was. So serene, so peaceful, such an amazing place to be alive and in the moment!

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