Author’s note: I’m back to my series on our long weekend at the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. To read recent posts in this series, click here.

One of the most popular State Parks along Lake Superior’s North Shore is Cascade River State Park. Located about 10 miles southwest of Grand Marais, Minnesota this park offers spectacular waterfall views and rushing rapids of root beer-colored Cascade River.  There are over 18 miles of trails within the park and it also meets up with the 286-mile long Superior Hiking Trail.  There is a wide variety of flora and fauna to be discovered but what I enjoyed most was the sounds and sights of the roaring river and multiple waterfalls.

On our way back from Grand Marais, a little port town up north and en route to Canada, we stopped at the Cascade River State park to take a short hike with the kids and see the falls.  Here are some lovely pictures along the way.

Wild rose trying desperately to open up for the dreary day.

Finally, I found one that was open once the sun broke free.

Before you could see the falls, you could hear them.  There was a gentle breeze that brought water droplets against our face. It was serene yet powerful. It smelled magnificent too.

First sight of one of many waterfalls along the Cascade River.

What I love about these parks is that you can get extremely close to the falls. Yet if traveling with kids, you must hold on tight. There are no guard rails.

This hike goes back along the river for miles. We were only able to do a short hike but would love to do a longer one in the future. This shot is looking up river towards more falls.

Here is the root beer colored water that is mixed with silt.

Lots of lovely forest flowers too.

The end of Cascade River where she dumps into Lake Superior. Apparently these rivers are where the Steelhead Trout return to breed and then make their return into the big lake once they reach 2-3 years old. Amazing!

Ah….what a lovely view!  This was the last we saw before heading back to the log cabin for a night of grilling out and s’mores.  We couldn’t stay up too late as we had a huge hike ahead of us the next morning. Our hike to Eagle Mountain, the highest point in Minnesota and it was going to be another three-generational hike. I could hardly wait!

Stay tuned…


    1. Thanks Madhu! I think Minnesota is beautiful so thought it was about time I share it with everyone. Hope you are doing well and surviving the heat. I’ve heard it is quite hot in your part of India!

      1. Hmmm….time to check out that page. I live in Minneapolis, MN —-land of 10,000 lakes, cold winters, lots of snow and perfect summers…ha ha. I’ve always lived in the Midwest…Madison for college, and Chicago after. I also lived in Paris and Marseille, France during and after college. Three continents sounds amazing!!!! Cool childhood.

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