Author’s note:  This is the second post on our hike up Carlton Peak in Northeastern Minnesota. In case you haven’t heard, the most devasting, damaging floods in history have recently struck this part of Minnesota.  Over 100 million dollars of damage is estimated.  Roads are closed, homes and universities are flooded.  Even the zoo was impacted with a dozen animals drown and the dramatic rescue of a seal and a polar bear who escaped the escalating flood waters.  Let’s keep our thoughts and prayers in mind for the people impacted by this devastation.  To read full updated article, click here

We arrived safely back at our log cabin to wait out the storm.  I was amazed by the ferocity of it. The loud bangs of thunder and flashes of lightening echoed over the unsettled water of Lake Superior. Thank goodness we had made the decision to turn around when we did!

The storm seemed to come and go just as fast as it had rolled in.  The sun poked out and the dark clouds swiftly blew away. It was time to give our hike to Carlton Peak a second try.  This time the kids decided to stay home with grandma.

Me at attempt number 2.

It isn’t a long hike. Only a few miles and a couple of hours to the top of the lookout peak ad back. I hadn’t done this hike for years, perhaps almost 20.  It was one of those good old standby hikes we’d do when we came up here as a family in my youth. If the clouds cleared and the fog lifted off the lake, we would be in for a reward: A dramatic view of Lake Superior.

Of course I tagged behind Paul and my dad. I had to get some pictures of the increasingly green foliage. Ever since I’ve discovered my third eye, I’ve learned to look a little more carefully and closely for the unexpected, the beautiful, and the unique. Here is what I found….

Raindrops left over from the storm.

Trilliums were everywhere!

The weather was pleasant but the sun still wasn’t out. I wanted it desperately to clear up, picturing in my head that gorgeous spectacular view of Lake Superior from the top. It must be special as it has been lodged in my memory for over twenty years.

Unfortunately the fog was as stubborn as a mule. It simply wouldn’t budge. My memory laden view of the spectacular blue waters of Lake Superior rising above the horizon would have to wait for another time.

I saw this interesting red stuff growing on the leaves. It reminded me of Christmas but I’m sure it is not a good thing. Probably some kind of disease.

I was trying to figure out whether or not this was the infamous lady slipper, the Minnesota State flower. Anyone know?

We were approaching the top and the sun was trying so hard to come out. Would it?

There were little baby pines like this one above, everywhere. So cute and just imagine what they will look like in 10-20 years towering above the forest.

Finally we made it to the top. It had heated up and I was drenched in sweat. Unfortunately the fog remained. No view of my lovely, inspiring lake. But I’ll be back….

View of the fog rising above and off the lake.

Stay tuned….I’m off for another weekend out of town, up North!  I probably will not have much internet access but will be back to finish my North Shore posts and perhaps do a few on the recent global advocacy work I’ve been doing on behalf of RESULTS.  Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂 


  1. Nice shots! I’ve seen some of the red stuff here in Tampa, too. I wonder what that is.

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