1. Heide

    Marvelous post! You’ve really helped clarify a term that always seemed benevolent to me, but also nebulous. Love the Anna Lappé quote, too — being intentional is where it all begins, isn’t it?

    • Thank you! Yes sometimes it is hard to grasp what sustainable responsible travel means. It is amazing the impact we can have. It is also sad when I’ve seen and even experienced not such good practices as well. It is all a learning experience

  2. Di

    Hello Nicole,
    A wonderful post. I enjoying getting lost in the links too. One led to another to another…
    Some amazing initiatives taking place all over the world…
    Thank you 💐✨

  3. Nicole so wonderful to see Jonny sharing more about traveling responsibly and ecotourism here on your site. A delight to introduce you to him via our blog and many thanks for linking to us. That solar powered battery charger looks amazing.

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