“For many people around the world, the bicycle is a crucial form of life-changing transportation. It can meant the difference between getting to school, seeing a doctor, and making a living – or not”. 

World Bicycle Relief is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to mobilizing people through The Power of Bicycles®. World Bicycle Relief accomplishes its mission by designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality bicycles that withstand the challenging terrain and conditions in rural Africa. This month marks bike month and World Bicycle Relief has launched a new campaign called “This is Not a Bike” to help promote the importance of the bicycles as a mode of transportation that changes people lives.

In honor of this cool campaign, I am featuring a guest post written by Ruth-Anne Renaud the Director of Global Marketing at World Bicycle Relief. 


  1. Nicole, another informative post that speaks to an important topic. It’s amazing how such a simple yet innovative invention can be so important in the twenty-first center: old technology with widespread human purpose and usage.

  2. Nicole this is a fantastic initiative! We certainly see many riders in our travels but have been amazed at what a bicycle can carry in clearly a work environment.

    1. Yes isn’t it wonderful! Do you know they have biking trips as well throughout Africa that people can go on to see the work? Check it out on their page. Maybe something for you and your hubbie to do!!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m going right over to donate. I admit I’m sceptical of the big charities – how much of what we donate actually gets to where it’s needed? But this kind of grass roots organization, with a solution that is brilliant in so many ways is something I can get behind.

    1. Yay! I love this Alison!!! I feel the same way often so I’ve been more selective in what I sponsor. I love tangible life changing gifts like this one, a bike. I also funded a girl in Ethiopia last year to have her club foot surgically repaired. The possibilities with a bicycle is amazing! Thanks for your enthusiasm!!!

  4. What a wonderfully sensible initiative! Wishing World Bicycle relief much success. It would be great if bicycle manufacturing companies – there are several here in Chennai – could sponsor the project.

    1. Thanks Madhu! Yes I can imagine that they would be very useful and helpful in India as well. I’ve read it has been very hot there. Stay cool.

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