“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscape but in having new eyes”  – Marcel Proust 

I always love a good philosophical photo challenge and this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge “Depth” happens to just fit the bill. The host of this week’s challenge Ben Huberman discusses the many different angles and perceptions of depth whether it be in the depth of field, the depth of color or texture or the depth of someone close to you. I felt that depth also offers a reason to look deep within oneself and examine what we see.

Through the practice of yoga, I’ve really began exploring the issue of “self” and “self-reflection”. I’ve learned a lot through the power of using my breath and the strength and flexibility not only of my physical but also my mental self. I truly believe that this self-examination into the depth of my soul has made me a much more balanced, peaceful person that helps me be a better person, mom, spouse, friend and writer.

As personal as it can be, taking time to look deep within our souls can be quite healing. Not only does it bring about long known revelations about who we truly are, it also evoles into some kind of acceptance and peace. I believe everyone has something they can personally work on to make them truer to themselves. For me, it is trying to use all my positive energy for good and not let my type-A personality frazzle me. It is taking time to slow down and stop and smell the roses in life. Relax. Breathe. Embrace. And enjoy each and every moment.

Photography and writing is a way for me to express myself and reflect on my life. If I use the approach of diving deep down within my photo collection and digging out the pictures that most describe my heart and soul, here they are.


Love and Compassion


There are so many layers to our inner being. Sometimes we all have to stop and take a look deep down inside to discover who we truly are. To discover the depth of oneself and realize that “hey I have turned out alright so far.

This post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth. To view more entries, click here. 






  1. Love seeing the range of photos from different destinations. Well done for Thorong La Pass – higher than I seem to be able to cope with. Seeing the photo to the base of the Towers in Patagonia – went I went there all I could see was the base of the Towers – the cloud was a little lower than in your photo.

    1. Wonderful! It is fun seeing photos on another blog of a place you’ve been to. I loved Nepal. I was fine with the altitude but it effects everyone differently and even each person differently on a given day. 🙂

  2. Fantastic post for the challenge, Nicole. I love the photos of you with your dad. What great adventures you have together. Loved seeing all the sweet children who are such an important part of your life’s work, and then of course, your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing the depth of yourself. 🙂

  3. The depth of your warmth and humanity comes shining through Nicole. Thanks for such an uplifting and heartwarming gallery of images; truly memorable 🙂

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