I have been in Ethiopia as an International Reporting fellow for a little over a week now and it has been an amazing, eye-opening trip so far. I have learned so much about this beautiful landlocked country of 90 million people. I have been warmly welcomed into their lives and have enjoyed the curiosity of the children at my blond hair and light skin.  I am sure I will have stories and photos to share for months.

In the meantime, I would like to give you a snapshot of Ethiopia: The beautiful countryside, the warm geniune smiles of the children, the mix between tradition and modernity that encapsulates every aspect of Ethiopian life.

Mosebo village Ethiopia

Me with the children of Mosebo village.

Children at Mosebo village Ethiopia

Children watching us leave Mosebo village as the downpour arrives.

Boy at Mosebo village

Curious boy at Mosebo village gives me a warm smile.

Girl in Mosebo Village Ethiopia

Little girl watching me at the Health Post in Mosebo Village

Rural Ethiopia

Women waving as we drive by en route to Hawassa.

Rural Ethiopia

Scenery of countryside from car

Lake Tanu in Bahir Dar

Lake Tanu in Bahir Dar

Fisherman on papyrus boats in Bahir Dar

Fisherman on papyrus boats in Bahir Dar

Monk at island monastery in Bahir Dar

Monk at island monastery in Bahir Dar

artwork at island monastery in Bahir Dar

Priest showing us the amazing artwork at island monastery in Bahir Dar

weaver at island monastery in Bahir Dar

Traditional weaver at island monastery in Bahir Dar. We gave her a polaroid picture of herself and she loved it.

Vendor at island monastery in Bahir Dar

Vendor at island monastery in Bahir Dar

Child at island monastery in Bahir Dar

Child at island monastery in Bahir Dar

I am reporting from Ethiopia as a fellow with the International Reporting Project (IRP). You can follow my trip on social media via #EthiopiaNewborns. 


  1. Some lovely images.Looking forward to hearing more of your impressions of the place. It’s a place I will definitely return to.

  2. I think the work you do is so amazing. Looking forward to hearing more about your stories and you’re definitely an inspiration for me to go out and see more of this world!

  3. Beautiful pictures…. we are planning to go to Ethiopia the end of the year, any suggestion where should we go?

    1. Thank you! I loved Bahir Dar. You can stay right on Lake Tana and see Hippos and also go tour the island monasteries. There are so many places to see! You can also head south to see the tribal people who wear the plates in their mouths and to the north is lots of cool places too! You will love it!

  4. Beautiful photos and heartwarming story Nicole. The reflection of the fishermen in Bahir Dar is a standout! Look froward to more.

  5. Definitely on my list of places to visit and volunteer. I didn’t realize the population was 90 million. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures over the coming months.

    1. Thanks! Yes there is so much to see, do and help in Ethiopia. A truly magical place with so much need too. There are lots of organizations where you can volunteer. One I enjoyed is called Project Mercy. I will write about it in the coming weeks.

    1. Wow, I can only imagine what Ethiopia was like in 1953. What were you doing there then? I bet mostly the roads and infrastructure has changed. A lot of building is going on now so even in ten years from now it will look a lot different.

    1. Thanks Jaime! I love that photo too with me surrounded by the kids. Every time we pulled over kids would come running to greet us. They loved our unusual look and now being back home it seems strange!

    1. Ethiopian food is delicious! Yes I ate lots and loved it. Hard to get used to eating only with your right hand and not using a fork but it was very good. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sylvia! What was hard to get used to in Africa is how everyone including children walk on the street. It was quite the obstacle course. They always waved at us too when we went by in our big white cars. It was really neat.

  6. Just found you blog while looking for more info on CCS Morocco. It’s wonderful, and I’m very inspired reading everything! Beautiful photos as well. 🙂

  7. i’ve been with a tour group, which departed earlier this morning to go down the coast.. i’m about to go ‘up’ the coast to my home.. it’s so great to bask in the beauty of these photos.. the personalities of all come through.. it was also great to see you in that first shot!

    you’re so very dear and special! z

    1. Thanks Lisa as always for stopping by. Glad you liked the pictures. Do you moonlight as a tour guide? If so I didn’t know that! That would be really fun. Thanks as always for the inspiring words and comments! 🙂 It means a lot!

      1. ja! i help my good friend who is a co-owner in the expat journey tours! i enjoy spending time with them (they tour my house!) and after several days, they head south and i return home!

    1. Thanks TA! Yes, my hair did happen to attract some attention. The kids loved it and I was really able to get a lot of photos of them. It was quite the eye-opening trip. I loved it there and have to see more of Africa. It is a fascinating place!

  8. I particularly liked the photo of the woman who had received a polaroid photo of herself – it´s always so great to be able to give something (besides money) to people that you´re taking pictures of!

    1. Thanks! I think I am going to have to buy a polaroid camera for my future travels (my friend is the one who had it on this trip) because it had such an amazing impact and way to get to meet people especially the women and children. Everyone loved it and was so excited to have their photos especially since many have never had their picture taken or even owned one. Really cool.

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