This week’s photo challenge happens to be a favorite of mine: Pattern. I adore the patterns of the brilliant rusty orange-colored tiled rooftop found in homes throughout the world. Two places in particular have my favorite styles: Southern France and Antigua, Guatemala. Here is a sample of some of the dynamic patterned rooftops I’ve captured throughout my travels.

Antigua, Guatemala

P1010207 P1010209 P1010202

The South of France

P1010511 P1010842 P1010845 P1010849 P1010846 P1010853 IMG_6408 IMG_6410

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    1. When we were in France a few weeks ago, we spent some time in Marseille and took a day tour through the perched villages of Luberon. They were amazing! I just haven’t gotten to posting from there yet as I still have zillions left from Paris! I love the South of France!!!!

    1. Italia! Lucky you! I love Italy. Love the food, the wine, the culture, the beautiful places. Can’t wait to see your pictures! 🙂

      1. What part are you going to? So envious as I really love Italy! The weather should be good too! It was actually really cold in Paris when we were there but much better in Southern France. Spring hadn’t come yet which was disappointing to not see everything in bloom.

    1. Thanks! I live in Minneapolis and here in the city we have all old homes of different styles. Some do have the gorgeous tile roofs but they are very expensive. I love the look though!

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