Last Friday, March 22 was World Water Day 2013, a powerful day of advocacy and awareness worldwide about the importance of safe water and sanitation. As part of the Global Team of 200, a group of social good mom bloggers from across the country who concentrate on women and girls, child hunger, and maternal health, I wrote my piece titled “Coming together for World Water Day“.


Photo credit: WaterAid

Jennifer James, founder of Mom Bloggers for Social Good and The Global Team of 200 wrote this piece today on the popular blog site Babble called “Mom Bloggers in the Importance of Water” which documents the work our volunteer team of social good mom bloggers did for World Water Day 2013. I was honored to read it and wanted to share it with you all.

For every single Water Day post, Jennifer also prepared a YouTube video for each blogger that tells the world why water is important to them.  Here is mine…

I bet there are many facts about water you didn’t know. It is amazing how essential water is to life. I myself learned an awful lot on World Water Day 2013 by tweeting, reading about water and sanitation and by participating in a Google+ hangout by top water NGOs. It was an amazing day that I truly believe impacted and helped the 783 million people on this earth who do not have access to safe drinking water. I can hardly wait to do more!

The source of life….Clean, Safe, Accessible drinking water. 


Photo credit: Water Aid.

To read more about the work we did as part of the Global Team of 200 on World Water Day, visit our Tumblr page here:  World Water Day 2013 Tumblr Site




    1. Yes indeed. So true! I’m glad I can do this kind of advocacy work. It is so important. Every time I write about a new topic I learn so much myself.

  1. Our house in the mountains in Italy has its own spring…one of the reasons we bought it. How lucky we are to have fresh spring water in tap. I wish this was the case for everyone.

  2. Another inspiring post, Nicole. When I was in Mongolia out on the steppe we had one shower in two weeks. Natural water sources are scarce. I can’t imagine how it is to live like that permanently. No wonder they drink so much mare’s milk.

    1. Wow that is fascinating Lucy. I really have Mongolia on my list. Someday I’ll get there. 🙂 One shower in two weeks sounds dodgy but I could do it!

      1. Now I have family in Mongolia I’ll definitely go back. It’s an incredible country but very harsh. Not somewhere I’d consider living in. I do like my showers!

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