All 100+ Shot@Life Champions who left their families behind to travel to our nation’s capital in February to advocate for the millions of parents who don’t have access to life-saving vaccines.

My dear friend Jennifer Burden, mother, wife, advocate and founder of World Mom’s Blog, wrote a beautiful piece today as part of the Shot@Life’s 28 Days of Impact Campaign about her advocacy and recent trip to Uganda as part of Shot@Life delegation.

Please on link below to read her heartfelt post and learn more about the work we are doing for Shot@Life.

Click here to read:Β Uganda, Shot@Life, Capitol Hill, Champs & Mohammad!


Jen in Uganda.

Jen came into my life over a year ago through my WordPress blog. As a mother of two young girls living in the suburbs of New Jersey, Jen wanted a way to open up others to Β global motherhood and our shared experiences. She had searched the net over and over and found tons of blogs on motherhood yet there were no blogs at all on what it is like to be a global mother. For all mothers, no matter where you live in the world, have a special bond. We may have different lives, cultures and parenting techniques, but we are all mothers.Β Hence came the dream of starting World Moms Blog, a volunteer-lead blog using mothers from around the world to tell their stories and share their voices.

It was one of my many articles on traveling that captured Jen’s eye. She read my post and bio and sent me an email asking me if I’d like to write for her blog. I had never written for anyone else before and was flattered that she had asked me to join the team. I joined World Mom’s Blog and submitted my first post on Surviving Postpartum Depression, and the rest was history.

Fast forward almost two years later and Jen and I have become wonderful friends and have entered a journey of global advocacy together. Jen was the one who recommended me to the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign where I became one of their first Champions. Jen was my partner in crime at BlogHer, the Social Good Summit and the Clinton Global Initiative conference where we got to listen to some of the greatest leaders in the world speak right before our eyes. A place I never in a million years expected to be.


Jen and I in NYC at the Babble Party during Social Good Summit.

I can’t imagine where I’d be if I never started a blog and never met Jen. She has changed my life, and for that I am utterly grateful. So without further ado, I want to give a special thanks to Jennifer Burden who has inspired me to reach for the stars. Thanks so much for your friendship, laughter, support and encouragement! You are a very special woman who I truly admire and is changing the world.


  1. This is truly a snowball effect, because the two of you have inspired me, and brought me on this path with you as well. I am so grateful to have met such inspiring women as you both!

  2. Both of you are inspirations and thanks for sharing a little of your journey together here! I wish I could be more a part of these US-based advocacy efforts, but I’m proud to know the two of you are working on behalf of such important causes!

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