I’ve completed my second day volunteering with the beautiful children at a children’s day care center that assists poor single mothers so they can work. Originally I thought I would be working at an orphanage but that was somehow lost in translation. I’m finding that much for me is lost in translation since I’m only at a very basic Spanish level. But I’ve come to understand with traveling, especially in developing countries, that you must simply go with the flow. Having an open mind and open heart is paramount. Otherwise you’d pack you bags and leave the next day for home!

Honduras is much more basic and rough around the edges than Guatemala. It has truly opened my eyes. Over 80% of the people here live in poverty and it is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere after Haiti and along with Bolivia. Yet despite the poverty and the dire situations most people live in, people are generally happy and resolved with their lot in life. Especially the children.

Here is a brief look at some of my beautiful new friends I met today at the center. They are so incredibly loving and full of life. They have so little material goods yet their joyous smile tells it all. For them, there is much more to life than having all the latest toys. Their love of life is evident and infectious.

Come, meet a few of my new little friends and see for yourself.










    1. Yes they are. I will have lots of stories to share once I get re-adjusted into being home. Some are really really sad. A beautiful trip though. 🙂

  1. A good way to immerse yourself back in the states is going to a Spanish church whatever religion you might have (or not). Thats how’s husband learned. It hurt his brain for a few months but now he’s fluent.

    1. 🙂 So many stories to share but sadly, it was also heartbreaking. A very eye-opening experience. I loved the people of Honduras but the workers at the center were terrible. It was a government run place and they were abusive to the kids. It breaks my heart as I was powerless.

  2. Those living at or below the poverty line seem to understand more than most what is important in life. Beautiful photos Nicole. 🙂

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