View from my hotel room across to the cay or “key” where the resort is located. I wanted to experience the cheap and the nice while in Roatan and both have been great. In US terms though this resort isn’t expensive but for Honduras it is. It is amazing. You can dive and snorkel right off the cay but unfortunately it’s been really windy so I haven’t gone much.

I can’t believe that it is already my last morning in Honduras. I leave for home in four hours already!

It has been an incredible trip. I have learned and experienced so much here over the last nine days that I am giddy and can hardly wait to start writing!!!! I will have so much to share with you.

The island of Roatan is amazing. As I am not one to sit around too much ( I got this from my dad!) I hired a local guide to take me around the island yesterday and in five hours I saw everything. All the Garifuna villages and the islanders’ houses on stilts. The beautiful resorts and the local culture. It was amazing.

It is crazy how different the mainland of Honduras is compared to Roatan. Like a different planet. But I am so thankful I got to experience both. There is a part of me that truly enjoys off the beaten path travel and even though I went nine days without a hot shower ( this is a western luxury that the mainland does not have), I loved every minute of it. For me, that is what travel is all about. Not just staying at the fancy hotels but living and experiencing a country like a local which I did while living with a Honduran family on La Ceiba.

Anyway, I will leave you with only a few photos for now as I want to enjoy my last morning in paradise before I go home to an 80 degree F temperature difference (lucky me, a Canadian cold front just arrived in Minnesota).

Enjoy these photos and next week I will start writing about my journey in Honduras.

Sunrise from my room.


the palapa or deck where you can dangle on a hammock over the ocean or dive in a snorkel around the amazing reef.




  1. Hey,
    The place simply fabulous….the view is breath taking and the pictures are superb……Thanks for sharing pictures and little information about Honduras.

  2. I can’t wait to read about your experiences in Honduras. Your pictures are lovely. We haven’t visited Honduras, even though we are less than a day’s travel to the Honduran border, mainly because of all the political turmoil recently. We had planned a trip to Honduras, but when we learned that the U.S. pulled out the Peace Corp from Honduras, we decided to visit at a later date..maybe things have calmed down enough for us to visit. I hope. It looks beautiful.

    1. Oh I have a lot to share! SOme good, some bad. I learned a ton especially about the situation there. Roatan we completely safe but the mainland is another story. I didn’t ever walk around past sunset (6 PM) alone and it was much poorer than Guatemala. My experience at the childcare center (government run) was heartbreaking as they hit and yelled at the kids and never played with them. I felt so sad for them but loved being with them. It was difficult. But my host family was amazing, warm and loving. SO much to write about!!!!

    1. No worries! I have hundreds of pics to process and many stories to tell, some good some sad. Now is time to catch up on sleep and then start writing!!!

  3. Fabulous pics, Nicole. Looking forward to reading your next posts. At least we did have hot showers here, even though it kept going from burning hot to ice cold, every few seconds. 🙂 That’s a very big temperature difference. Keep warm.

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