In honor of father’s day, I thought I’d do this next post on my dad. I made a promise to him that it wouldn’t be sappy or a tear-jerker like the one I wrote for my mom. You know how us women can be!  We love to be emotional, don’t we? So, I will try my best to make this post light and fun, ok dad? 

Picture of my dad and I on top of the world at the highest point along the Annapurna Trek in Nepal in November 2010.

Picture of my dad and I on top of the world at the highest point along the Annapurna Trek in Nepal in November 2010.

Around the world and back with dad.

Ever since I was little, I’d always understood that my dad was not the norm. I mean, who else would buy and wear a button upside down that said “I do not do normal”? He has endless energy and perseverance like few other people I know. At age 69, he can still beat me up any mountain, pass me flying down a black run on the ski hill or run around the lake ahead of me. He never gives up, never. He always turns a negative into a positive.  And he faces each day with a smile.

He always set goals for himself, most of them handwritten in scribbly pen across an old file folder. Goals about his career, goals about life like setting a new “PR” (personal record) time for a marathon. Goals about family and goals about seeing the world. There is a checklist, isn’t there dad?

I have been blessed with that same desire and passion in life that I have been given by my dad. Where my mother gave me love, strength and guidance, my dad gave me the other things that made me whole. Without either or them, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t be willing to hop on a plane by myself off to Guatemala for a week.  I wouldn’t be leaving my kids for three weeks at home so I could trek the Himalayas in Nepal. I wouldn’t be following my dreams as a writer and trying to change the world through advocacy and volunteerism. I wouldn’t be me.

So, without further ado, I want to thank you dad for your love, support, encouragement, inspiration and fun.  Here’s to our next trip! 🙂 And don’t worry, I’ll always follow your words:  Carpe Diem!

A portrait of our trips together….

Growing up, our family traveled together all the time. However, once the three of us kids got older and left the house, my dad began taking each one of us on special trip only with him each year.  Here are some of my favorites….

We went on our first trek together to Machu Picchu in Peru in November 2001.

Here is a picture of us in Ireland in 2002.

Our next trip together was to Australia after I was laid off from my job in January 2004 (unfortunately we have no photos together! My dad can be so stubborn).

In the Fall of 2004, I had my first child and stayed home for awhile.  Yet a year later, on my son’s first birthday my mom came to babysit him and off I went with my dad to South Africa (something I never thought I’d be able to do after surviving severe postpartum depression). 

A trip together to South Africa in November 2005.

(A break was taken for the birth of my daughter in 2006—-wasn’t ready to leave a newborn!)

Here is a picture of my Dad and I on our trip to Argentina in 2007.

Here is a picture of my Dad and I on a trip to Iceland in 2008.

Here is a picture of my Dad and I on a trip again to Argentina, this time further south in 2009.

Here is a picture of the trip I took with my Dad to the Himalayas in Nepal in November 2010.

Our most recent trip to China, November 2011.

Looking over these photos remind me of why I am the way I am and how I’ve become me.  The thirdeyemom.  I look forward to my next trip, Dad.  See you in the French Alps this August!  Love always, Nicole 🙂


  1. Very nice and endearing photos of you & your Dad! You’re so lucky and so blessed to have such wonderful Dad (and Mom) to give you such opportunities to travel & see the world.

    1. Thank you so much! I agree with that statement entirely. I think that is half the reason I felt so obligated to start giving back, especially to the countries I visit! I look forward to working harder at it in the future! 🙂 THanks for stopping by!

  2. Man, you guys are so inspiring with the adventurous spirit. I really enjoyed these pictures and hope I can start taking a page from your book as far as getting out there goes!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Sorry I’m very behind on your beautiful blog! It has been crazy now with school out. I’m obsessed with writing my own posts yet fall behind on reading all my favorites! Oh well. As for my dad and I, yes it has been amazing! I love the fact that we do these trips together! We have so many fabulous memories! What is best of all is the looks we always get by people thinking I’m his young squeeze! Funny when I loudly call him dad! He He. 🙂 Hope you are enjoying your summer!

    1. Thanks Madhu! Will you write something on your dad? I’m real;y loving all your memoir posts! 🙂 I thought the Mars piece was hysterical myself! 🙂

  3. Sounds like an inspiring and adventurous dad you have Nicole! What a great experience going on a trip together every year. I doubt many do that. My dad visited me in Thailand when he was almost 70. He went by container ship and had the time of his life!!! Happy Father’s Day to every dad out there still with us and in memory of those already gone before (like my dad)!

    1. That’s right Lucy! I’ll never forget that story you told me about your dad taking the ship! Truly memorable! I know I’m so fortunate to have this relationship with both my parents! My mom, sister and I actually have our first ever girls trip planned for next April! It was a surprise from my dad! He is going to babysit the kids! 🙂

      1. What a fantastic surprise Nicole and an unforgettable gift from your dad!!! I can’t wait to hear where you’ll be going!

      2. We are staying less exotic this time. In August we are doing a trek in the French Alps! 🙂 Won’t be as rugged as Nepal but I’m sure it will be beautiful! 🙂 I’m still trying to get him to do EVerest Base camp or Bhutan. We’ll see!

  4. This post truly reflects what is Father’s Day is all about. Not only is it about remembering the gifts our fathers gave us through the years but more on making an effort to make them special. You shared with your dad his heart’s passion. To travel and see the world. To help him have his happy moments and pursue the dreams he wanted for himself. Father’s Day is about making sure that even for a day, our fathers get to celebrate the things, people or events they love and enjoy. It is about them and we are merely making sure we are there to celebrate it with them. Beautiful post….Thank you Happy Father’s Day to your dad.

    1. Why thank you again for such a lovely comment! Always so wonderful! I wish you a wonderful father’s day to spend time with your beautiful wife and son and enjoying each other’s company. I’m sure you’ll be thinking of your own dad as well! It makes us realize how utterly important it is to be a parent and what a huge responsibility we have! We are what will inspire our children! We need to give them love, support, encouragement and pride. Happy Father’s Day! 🙂

    1. Thanks! We have a trip planned for this August to hike! Looking forward! Hope I can do this with my kids when they get older. It really is wonderful!

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