I felt like I needed to spice my blog up a bit.  Lately I’ve done an awful lot of posts on Minnesota and even have another one in the queue.  When I started this blog it was mostly for sharing my stories and photos from traveling somewhere else.  Yet I came to realize that many of my readers have never even been to Minnesota and perhaps don’t realize how incredibly beautiful it really is.  Hence my recent focus on places around the land of lakes (we do have over 13,000!).

This morning I wanted to share some photos I’ve reworked from my trip to Iceland back in the summer of 2008.  Iceland truly appealed to me.  It has all the nature you could ever desire, loads of hikes, and not many people.  I found a lot of peace and serenity in such a beautiful, magical place.  It is my hope that I can return someday as there is much to see in this gorgeous land.

Here are some photos that will help illustrate what I mean.  Hope you enjoy!

To read more of my Iceland adventure, click here.


    1. If you get a chance, go this summer! I LOVE Iceland. One of my favorites up there with Patagonia, New Zealand and Nepal. Very magical place! Very low populated too.

    1. Great! Glad you enjoyed and yes Iceland is a top ten place, right up there with New Zealand in my opinion. There is so much incredible nature yet the island is tiny. I need to go back and get to the inside of Iceland which is much more rugged and rough. Someday!

    1. You should Deb! Especially since it is relatively easy from Italy. The main good touristy months are June, July and August. Rent a car and drive drive drive. So incredibly beautiful, peaceful and relaxing! Hope you make it sometime soon!

    1. Glad you enjoyed! Actually it was perfect weather. The 50s to mid 60s F. There are really only three good months for hiking in Iceland which are June, July and August. You can go in other months yet it is colder, rainier and dark. Nothing is really too cold to me though as I live in Minnesota and our winters toughen your blood. Even 18,000 feet in Nepal didn’t feel cold given the harsh climate we get here in winter!

  1. I want to visit Iceland. Actually we had plans to go last year and then we had to cancel the trip since we found out that we were moving. I can’t complain since I love London, but I still want to get to Iceland!

    1. Yes London would be an amazing place to live, that is for sure! Yet Iceland is so close it will be easy hopefully for you to make a trip over. You need at least a week and rent a car!!!

  2. This has always been a dream trip for me and this post fanned the flames… Thank you for the beautiful images! I hope to go one day and experience the magic of Iceland myself…

    1. You’re welcome Roxanne and so glad you enjoyed! I loved Iceland and it is funny as my posts are bringing lots of memories back to my dad who I went with. Hmmm….maybe I’ll get him to want to go again! 🙂

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