Ok…these may not be the best videos but I thought they were worth sharing with you so you can get a sense of what the unrestored section of the Wall is like at Jiantou.

Here are two relatively short clips I recorded with my iPhone upon taking my first steps along the Great Wall of China at Jiantou.  Sorry if they are rather unprofessional or my commentary is a bit silly!  I decided to suck in my pride a bit and share the videos as it does give you a great sense of what the Wall is like.  So please click on the links below and take a walk along the Wall with me!  Enjoy!

(P.S….the first one goes sideways….still trying to figure out this new iPhone!).




    1. You’re welcome! I thought it wasn’t the best video yet it is so cool now with technology how you can truly bring people there! I want to get better at filming video clips as it opens up a whole new world of blogging!

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