• Oh Lisa, your support is so incredible. Thank you. Yes, the people of Haiti are amazing and it is really too bad that the press on the nation is not too great. There is so much culture and pride. I never felt unsafe. And yes I have read and even met Paul Farmer in person. He is an amazing being! More later. I have so many stories to tell. I’ve got to someday get to Ecuador too! 🙂

  1. My son’s future mother-in-law is from Haiti. She just threw a lovely engagement party in order for the two families to meet…in Chicago. I am definitely intrigued by this country and culture. Thanks for sharing this information!

  2. It sounds amazing Nicole. And somehow reminds me of Cuba, another Caribbean island with a whole whack of trouble. Sometimes it seems it’s just not fair.

    • It was quite the trip Alison. Yes in a way like Cuba but the conditions were much more difficult. I would go again to Haiti in a heartbeat though as the people and the culture were so amazing. It was a very powerful trip.

  3. Di

    Oh Nicole… I’m writing this between tears… to have the opportunity to connect with and spread some love to those who need it most… just such a rare privilege.
    Thank you for such a detailed explanation of the history of the country and I found Nat on Instagram earlier today.
    Thank you again. Such a moving post my friend 💕

  4. I felt a range of emotions while reading this Nicole from sadness to hope and desire to travel here myself with Nat someday. Thank you for bringing a different view of Haiti to us. The beauty and magic most certainly have come through in your Social Media accounts and then again here. God bless Nat. God bless you Nicole.

    • Oh Lisa thank you so much! I felt I had to get my emotions out on the first real post before I could move on to all the wonderful stuff I saw and experienced. I am excited to show the beautiful arts and culture that I saw.

    • It was amazing Heather. If you come back to the states and want to check out Haiti let me know. Nat is running a few trips a year and there is no one I’d go with besides her. She is amazing and connects you with the people and culture of Haiti. You would learn a lot! 😌

  5. You throw yourself full on at life, Nicole, and I so much admire what you do. It’s tragic that such a lovely place should have the misfortunes it’s had but the culture looks so vibrant. Good luck to Nat, and I look forward to reading more. 🙂 🙂 Hope you’re fully well again.

    • Yes I do Jo perhaps sometimes a little too much! 😌 this trip was so impactful Jo. I learn and grow with each trip I do. I am so grateful for my chance to see Haiti with Nat.

  6. Several years ago I worked with a man who grew up in Haiti. This was my first experience learning about the immense struggles in this country. Thank you so much for sharing a small part of their story, through your touching words and beautiful images.

    • I am so glad you enjoyed the post LuAnn. Yes Haiti has sure struggled a lot. I was so grateful to be able to go on this trip and have such a powerful experience.

  7. Hopefully your wonderful descriptions of Haiti (and past posts about the many talented artesans) and the people there will encourage others to open their eyes and visit!

    • Yes Lexi, if you want a truly unique experience you should go to Haiti and go with Nat. She is amazing and it was such a powerful trip. Let me know if you are interested in reaching out to her. I know she has two trips coming this fall and one of my wonderful friends is going!

  8. This post really touched me on a deep level Nicole. Such an impoverished country yet so full of hope, beauty and resilience. Once again you’ve brought us the real deal and opened my eyes . Thank you for a wonderful insight into Haiti.

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  10. Nat

    Thank you for sharing this experience on your blog. Haiti is a very special place and it definitely pulls you in once you step foot on that land. Looking forward to sharing this experience with so many others on future trips with @Explore with Nat!

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