Have you ever been traveling in a new city and wanted to know the inside scoop on the best things to see and do yet didn’t want to go with a big tour? If you are like me, you don’t want to bother with carrying around a heavy guidebook all day and the good news is thanks to technology you don’t have to anymore. Everything you need can be found on your smartphone. Better yet, you can find your own self-guided walking tour at an app called GPSMyCity which has over 5,500 walks from over 700 cities around the world.

What Are GPSMyCity Article Apps?

This handy app presents you over 5,500 self-guided GPS-based walks in 700+ cities around the world, featuring the best of each city, from world famous attractions to hidden gems. The walks can be downloaded on your smartphone, and then used without internet or Wi-Fi use during your tour.  The walks may be as simple as “A Local’s Guide to Warsaw Poland”, “The Five Best Cheeseburger Places in LA”  or as specific as “The Top Five Secret Churches of Old Town in Prague”.

There are two versions of the article. The first is the article alone without the GPS which you can download for free. The second option is to upgrade to the GPS-enhanced article for a fee of $1.99 per article. For the upgraded article, you can download at your hotel or wherever you have Wi-Fi and enjoy using it offline without Wi-Fi. The GPS tracking will enable you to chart your progress around the route and make sure you don’t get lost. Many of the articles also include links to articles covering other things to do of interest.

Here are some sample screen shots of what the a downloaded app looks like. To view enlarged, click on each image:

The highlights and main features include:

Work Offline

No Roaming. No Data Plan Needed.

Multiple Walks in Each City

Thousands of travel articles included. See Famous Sights and Hidden Gems

Detailed Walk Route Map

Turn-by-turn Walking Directions, displayed clearly on map. The “FindMe” feature displays your exact location plus Auto Tracking features disc plays your movement on the map, so you know you will always be walking in the right direction.

GPS-Guided City Walks

Lose Yourself Without Getting Lost

There simply is no better way to see a city on foot, at your own pace and at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay for a guided tour.

I’m pleased to announce that some of my posts have been converted into GPSMyCity apps. You can download these apps for free or pay for an upgrade. (Note: Must click on link using your phone or iPad or other app device):

*GPSMyCity is offering a free giveaway on the above two travel apps from Monday, December 12 – Sunday, December 18

To access GPSmyCity articles:

  • Download the free GPSmyCity app for your iPhone. Android version available soon!
  • From the GPSmyCity app, you can browse by city to see which articles are available.
  • You can read the article for free, save it or upgrade to the GPS-guided version to take with you offline.

Thanks to GPSMyCity for providing free updated apps for the period of the giveaway.


      1. Sure! Anytime.. You don’t need any app for that Nicole. Will help you out with it. This one will be an interactive app.. Lol!

  1. I just participated in putting together 4 apps for exploring Kiawah. It was great fun,doing the photographs, mapping out the routes and doing the voiceover. They’ve been amazingly popular with our summer tourists which is very gratifying. I hgihly recommend the app!

      1. Wonderful Tina! How big is your island and I assume you must get everywhere by boat? I’ve seen so many nature shots from your blog. It looks stunning. Is there a town on the island or is it mostly homes? You’ve gotten me very curious!

    1. Yay! When are you going again Jo? February? Can’t wait to hear all about the incredible walks you take there! Your posts would be EXCELLENT for this app by the way. You have so many walks!!!! Let me know if you want me to get you in contact with them. I’m sure many people would find your walks on GPS very helpful!

  2. Congrats to having some of your posts converted into GPSMyCity apps. I will be looking to download this app as soon as there is an Android version available.

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