1. So sad to read these statistics but encouraging to see the work being done. We take so much forgranted here. With my daughter now 30 weeks pregnant it really hits home.

    1. Yes Sue the more I travel and learn about these issues the more it hits home as a mother. So your daughter is getting close now! How exciting!!!!

  2. Once again by being on the ground, writing and talking to these amazing women you are highlighting a plight that so many are blind to across the globe. Thank you Nicole for raising awareness.

  3. Very interesting. I have been to Ghana as part of a microfinance organization visit, and my daughter is headed there this fall for a public health assignment. What’s both good and bad is that Ghana is actually one of the better-off countries in Africa; the statistics are even more sobering in other nations. Great to read about this program!

    1. Yes Ghana is much better off economically than her neighbors but what I’ve learned is that maternal mortality rates are way too high in almost all of Africa. It is crazy to compare the statistics to the US.

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