One of my favorite things about Central America and Cuba are the gorgeous, bright colors that often surround you everywhere you go. Normally I head south during our winter here in Minnesota when the landscape is barren of color and blanketed in snow. I feel so deprived of color that when I arrive, I go crazy snapping photos of everything I see- from buildings, to flowers, to artwork and people – I search the vibrant colors my eyes are craving. Yellow is one of those colors that always makes me feel happy. It is bright, glowing and warm. It also is a common color found painted on buildings in Central America and Cuba, perhaps given the Spanish Colonial influence of when they were built.

As the world around me is painted white, I long for the brilliant and bright shades of yellow that make my heart sing. Here are some of my favorite yellows I’ve spied in Guatemala, Honduras, and Cuba.

Antigua, Guatemala

Xela, Guatemala Xela, Guatemala Xela, Guatemala Xela, Guatemala Antigua, Guatemala Antigua, Guatemala Antigua, Guatemala Antigua, Guatemala
Roatan, Honduras
Roatan, Honduras Roatan, HondurasStreet Photography Havana Street Photography Havana Street Photography Havana Buildings in Old Havana Buildings in Old Havana Buildings in Old Havana Buildings in Old Havana Buildings in Old Havana Buildings in Old Havana

Rum the drink of Cuba

Rum the drink of Cuba

El Callejón de Hamel Havana Cuba El Callejón de Hamel Havana Cuba El Callejón de Hamel Havana CubaHavana Cuba cars

This post was inspired by my lack of sunshine and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow. To view more entries, click here.


  1. Nicole, you always have evocative photos, but there are so many that by the time I get to the bottom, I have a difficult time making a comment on one or two. 🙁 At the beginning, the expression “decaying elegance” came to mind and I really like the one of the three women looking out over the courtyard or whatever it is. Although right now there are mostly browns outside (none of the whites of snow that I crave), there are the many colors of Christmas inside and lights everywhere. So I’m getting my color fix.

    Merry Christmas and always, safe travels.


    1. Thanks Janet! I think I perhaps overload my posts with too many photos! I have the tendency to get a little carried away. Oh well. I’m glad you enjoyed the yellows. I just went back through my media library month by month when I knew I posted on places that were filled with yellow colors and added them in! 🙂 Yes I’m quite tired of our weather here in MN being like Seattle! All our snow is gone, it is raining constantly and gray. It is warm but I miss the sunshine! Happy Holidays! 🙂 nicole

      1. The Chicago area weather’s been gloomy, too. Today we’re having rain where I’d much prefer a bit of seasonal now. Ahhh, well. That’s not what makes Christmas special…but I do like some snow for Christmas.


    1. Wow, that sounds like a lovely trip Sue! Where in Peru and Ecuador are you going? Are you meeting up at all with any bloggers there? I know Lisa from Zeebra Designs lives there as well as Kathy and Sara. That sounds like a fabulous trip!!!

      1. Nicol;e I don’t know any bloggers in Peru unfortunately. We are doing a cycling hiking tour beginning in Cuzco. We will visit Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca and point between. In Ecuador will will be in Guayaquil and then in the Galapagos. So excited!

  2. Great collection of yellows! So interesting to see Cuba photos, too, with the news of the change in US – Cuba relations. I will check out your other Cuba post.

    And is that a star apple in the photo — carambola? That is one of the fruits native to the Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia that was brought over (along with mangoes) during the Spanish colony era via Galleon ships. The Philippines got chocolate and other delicious Central and South American fruits in exchange!

    1. Thanks Lola Jane! I just posted on Cuba yesterday as I was excited about the news. Cuba remains one of my favorite countries! The star fruit was in a garden in Honduras. That is pretty cool that it was introduced all the way from the Philippines! Thanks for sharing that nugget of information. 🙂

  3. I recognize some of theses shots! 🙂 I hope you come visit me again while I’m back in Guatemala Nicole & we can explore some more together. Plenty more to see just in Antigua alone! I’m thinking about making a trip to Cuba while I’m in this part of the world so I may be asking you for tips. Maybe next year!

    1. I knew you would Lucy! I sure loved Antigua! I bet you are happy being back. I’ve loved all your Facebook posts. I would love to visit again someday. Not that far either! And yes you should get to Cuba. You would go absolutely crazy taking pictures there, even more so than Antigua. I can only imagine the world you would create!!!

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