Finding Yellow

One of my favorite things about Central America and Cuba are the gorgeous, bright colors that often surround you everywhere you go. Normally I head south during our winter here in Minnesota when the landscape is barren of color and blanketed in snow. I feel so deprived of color that when I arrive, I go crazy snapping photos of everything I see- from buildings, to flowers, to artwork and people – I search the vibrant colors my eyes are craving. Yellow is one of those colors that always makes me feel happy. It is bright, glowing and warm. It also is a common color found painted on buildings in Central America and Cuba, perhaps given the Spanish Colonial influence of when they were built.

As the world around me is painted white, I long for the brilliant and bright shades of yellow that make my heart sing. Here are some of my favorite yellows I’ve spied in Guatemala, Honduras, and Cuba.

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