I have always been someone who is strongly connected to nature and the amazing world we live in. As we head into the next several decades and I watch my children grow, I become increasingly concerned about the fragility of our planet and our inability to protect what is most sacred: Mother Earth. Without fresh water or food to feed a growing population that is expected to reach 9 billion, what will we have? We are already seeing the devastating impact of global climate change yet not much has changed to stop it. There are even people who still don’t believe it is real.

So today on Earth Day, I wonder what will become of our planet? Will we have a place so full of beauty and life that we do now? Or will it all be gone?

Tour de Vanoise France

Taking a break and breathing in the fresh pure air of the French Alps.

I’m not trying to sound pessimistic but I take the effects of global climate change seriously. I even take it perhaps a bit too far to overcompensate for what we are doing to our planet. I recycle as much as possible, I try to cut down on waste, I stop the water tap instead of letting it run and I always bring reusable bags for shopping. I realize that I am often the only one in line at the store with my reusable bag while everyone is putting even one tiny item into a plastic or paper bag that they don’t need. It is all such a waste.

But sadly the little things that I am doing isn’t enough. We need everyone to come together to protect our world before the world we know is gone. So on this special Earth Day 2014, let us each think of one small thing we can do to reduce, reuse and recycle. To cherish, protect and save our planet.

We have so much at stake. Like this….

Tour de Vanoise France

Tour de Vanoise France


Tour de Vanoise France


Tour de la Vanoise France


Tour de la Vanoise France


Spring flower


Fern unraveling


Pasque flower


Lake Harriet Minneapolis Minnesota




Birth of a pineapple


La Ceiba Honduras




Spring Tulip


Guatemala countryside


Tour de la Vanoise France




Tour de la Vanoise Prayer flags


Sunset in northern Minnesota


We have so much fighting for and so much worth saving….

Tour de Vanoise France

Isn’t it time we did something?

Pure Iceland


  1. Lovely pictures and yes it is still a beautiful world. I will try to think of some change I can make to help things along. Every little bit helps.

  2. Wonderful post Nicole! I wish more people with young children like you would ponder what kind of a world we are leaving for them and their children. It is alarming to me to hear those who still do not believe in global climate change. I try to do as much as I can but know I can still do more.

  3. Kindred spirits, Nicole, I too despair at the direction we are headed; it’s hard to remain optimistic in the face of oil spills and fracking and pollution to the point where we have poisoned the air we breathe and the water we drink. Here’s hoping we have yet to reach the tipping point, and that we still have time to preserve what little we have left untainted. x a

      1. Indeed, Nicole. I look forward to meeting you one day in person, but in the meantime, keep on fighting the good fight, xxx Ailsa

  4. All those little steps we take to reduce our impact on the planet really do add up. By law, here in Wales you have to pay 5p for a plastic bag from the grocery store. The money raised is donated to charity. Since it’s inception, the charges have encouraged more people to carry reusable totes and we have prevented the use of millions of plastic bags in just a couple of years.

    1. Wonderful! I wish so bad we had that here! We get 5 cents deducted from our bill per bag or can donate it to charity. I wish they charged for bags here in the land of waste. It would really help a lot I believe.

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