As some of you may know, I’ve been advocating for the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life Campaign since its launch in 2012. It is a fabulous program that provides immunizations to children in the developing world. Since a child dies every 20 seconds from a vaccine-preventable death, immunizations are the key to saving countless lives around the world. It is a simple, cost-effective way to giving children the shot at life they deserve.

From now until October 14th, Shot@Life is partnering with US pharmacy chain Walgreens to help save children’s lives. For every flu shot or immunization you receive at a Walgreens Pharmacy, Walgreens will immunize one child with a life-saving vaccine through Shot@Life. It is a brilliant campaign and I’m honored to be a part of it.

Walgreens Get a Shot. Give a Shot.

Walgreens Get a Shot. Give a Shot ad.

Yesterday, I went to my neighborhood Walgreens Pharmacy and fulfilled my promise. I got my shot and gave a shot, and it felt great (except of course for that little pinch feeling of shot!). I asked the pharmacist to take a picture of me (sorry folks, I’m not really into “selflies” so asked her to just get a photo of my arm) as proof that I got and gave a shot.


Just as I did a year and a half ago during Global Immunization Week, today I am wearing my Shot@Life t-shirt all day to be a walking advocate for providing global immunizations. With the bright green color and the unmistakable words across the front of the shirt “More Temper Tantrums”, this catchy shirt has been a great conversation piece to get people talking about the importance of immunizing themselves and helping immunize others around the world.

By providing more immunizations, we will save up to 1.5 million lives each year and there are bound to be more temper tantrums, more messy eaters and more sibling rivalry (the other sayings across the Shot@Life advocacy shirts).

Shot@Life Advocacy shirt

Ok I lied…here is a “selfie” but I wanted to show you that I wore my Shot@Life t-shirt walking around the lake today to be a walking, talking advocate for immunizations.

So why is Shot@Life so important to me?

Because I’m a mom.

Because I’m a global citizen.

Because I care.

And because I believe every child on this planet should have the shot at life they deserve.


My children and me wearing our Shot@Life t-shirts during Global Immunization Week.

Every 20 seconds a child dies from a vaccine-preventable death. Yet we can change this tragic reality. We know that 1 in 5 children in the developing world do not have access to life-saving vaccines. Yet we have the tools and resources to prevent 1.5 million deaths each year – the equivalent to the number of children entering kindergarten in the US each year –  by providing vaccines. For the mere cost of a week’s worth of coffee – $20 – you can give a child a lifetime of immunity from a deadly disease and save a life. It is easy. Simple. And it saves lives.

To learn more about Get a Shot. Give a Shot or find a Walgreens near you, click here

Video below on Shot@Life’s program in Ghana.

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  1. Fabulous program, Nicole. Wish I lived in the US and could participate. However, I’ll share with friends and family back home–reminding them to get their flu shots at Walgreens and be a part of something much, much larger.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

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