Have you ever wanted an escape from the daily grind but didn’t have a vacation planned for months? If you are like most travel lovers and adventure seekers, than you probably always have the next trip constantly on your mind.

Roatan Honduras

Wouldn’t it be nice to be here now?

Escape Monthly, a new subscription-based service, may be exactly what you need. Escape Monthly’s “Vacation in a Box”Β is a destination-inspired monthly delivery of luxury products to help you relax, renew and escape. Once a month, you will receive your little blue escape box filled with beautiful, luxurious products inspired by a given destination. This month the theme is Napa Valley and contains an eclectic variety of local and Napa-inspired products from this gorgeous destination.

My Escape Monthly box

My Escape Monthly box awaited right outside my front door. I could hardy wait to open it up and see what was inside!

For $49.95/month (includes shipping), you will receive a variety of travel destination inspired products including full sized luxury products, travel guides and secret tips, special travel offers, and a chance to win a vacation for two to the destination of the month.

The little blue box of goodies is delivered right to your doorstep and is always a pleasure to open up and see what is inside.

Escape Monthly Napa Box

A look inside my Escape Monthly Napa box

Here is what my Napa inspired Escape Monthly box contained:

Product list of items inside my Escape Monthly Box

Product list of items inside my Escape Monthly Box. Plus there also is a bonus surprise: This month includes a $50 gift card for wine.

What I like

  • Receiving my box each month. How fun is it to receive a mystery box full of goodies! When I first saw the box sitting outside my door, it felt like my birthday. I rarely treat myself to guilty pleasures and I must say it was fun opening up my little blue box.
  • The variety of beautiful products. There is a lot more in the box than I anticipated and all the products have excellent quality. It is fun to try out new things especially the locally-inspired products that I never would have heard of it wasn’t for my Escape box.
  • The travel-inspired concept is brilliant. Everyone loves a vacation yet of course we can’t possibly always get one. It is really fun to get a box based on a new travel destination and get inspired.

What could change

  • Drop the travel guide book. Of course as a traveler, I love travel guides. However, I don’t have much use for them unless I’m actually planning on going to the destination within the next several months. I’d much rather have an option to either include the travel guide or get more products.
  • Allow more alternatives to purchasing Escape Monthly other than just a monthly subscription. I think Escape Monthly would be an amazing gift idea especially for someone you know who loves to travel, pamper themselves and is possibly going to the destination. Β I could definitely see myself ordering this as a gift for someone, if is was possible.
  • Ship internationally. Yes it is expensive, but I’ve got to give a voice for my international readers!

My favorite

The $50 gift certificate from wine from http://www.nakedwines.com! This alone pays for the entire box of treasures. I can hardly wait to order my wine!

Next month’s destination: Oregon

To learn more about Escape Monthly, click here. Currently there is a 20% off deal if you sign up soon. Unfortunately Escape Monthly is currently only shipped within the United States.

Author’s note: This is my first product review on thirdeyemom. I received the box at no cost to review the service and its products. All opinions are my own and I was encouraged to be as honest as possible. I will only do reviews on my blog if I find the product interesting and something that everyone would enjoy. Hope you found this review helpful!Β 


  1. While it’s a fascinating marketing concept, the $600 per year is a bit pricey and could be put towards a travel ticket. I suppose for the armchair adventurer is could be a monthly boost.

    1. True, it is pricey. Although products could never possibly make up for a trip you do get a lot of stuff for the money. Almost too much stuff quite frankly. Yet it is an interesting concept especially for those who have the means to spoil themselves (not exactly me right now!).

    1. Thanks. It is a bit pricey but there is a ton of stuff in there, way more than I could possibly use in a month. I guess for those who have the means to spoil themselves this is a great concept. I think it would make a nice gift too.

  2. This sounds like a great product, one we might check out when we move back the States. I checked out the website and thought it interesting that they don’t list the places they have featured in the past. I think that would be a major selling point. I would want to know if most of the products are from US-based destinations, or from around the world.

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