Perhaps my favorite perched village in Luberon is the gorgeous, red-hued Roussillon. Known mostly for her abundant natural ochre that covers the steep hillside and paints the town red, Roussillon is quite a spectacular place. Medieval serpentine streets lined with red-hued buildings and terracotta roofs, meander all the way up to the top. A leisurely afternoon in Roussillon is bound to capture your imagination and soul.

Roussillon France

As you approach Roussillon, you are struck by the dramatic scarlet red color of the rock and buildings which are perched high above the vast green plains of Provence.

Roussillon France

Lovely Roussillon

Roussillon was our last stop during a day tour exploring four beautiful perched villages in the region of Luberon. Although each village was unique and had its own special beauty, Roussillon was my favorite due to sheer eye candy. The village is simply spectacular especially on a bright sunny day when the light and brilliant red color seems to dance off the buildings and surrounding landscape.

Roussillon France

Roussillon France

Roussillon France

Roussillon France

Roussillon France

Roussillon France

Roussillon France

Roussillon France

Roussillon France

Roussillon France





There is only one downside of such a beautiful, quaint place. It is no longer a secret. Unfortunately, there were a ton of tourists in Roussillon during our late April visit which coincided with the French Easter holiday.  However, with tourists brings all the wonderful amenities such as countless amounts of outdoor cafes, restaurants, hotels and boutiques. I could have sat down at any one of them sipping a glass of local wine and watching the world go by.






The radiant colors of Roussillon could be found everywhere from the walls of the buildings to the ground covering the land. It is no wonder so many artists have come to Roussillon and have been inspired by her beauty.



It wasn’t until we reached the top of the village, that we saw the magic behind what makes Roussillon so utterly spectacular and unique. Her abundance of ochre, a natural pigment mixed with sand that can give off brilliant, bright colors ranging from yellow, orange, red to even purples.


Check out the ochre blood orange that covers the hillside of Roussillon.

As we left Roussillon, it marked the end of our day tour through the perched villages of Luberon. All in all, it ended up being our favorite day during our trip to France. It inspired me to someday explore more of what the lovely South of France has to offer. All her magical treasures and jewels lie there basking in their glory under the Provencal sun.


If you go

Roussillon can be enjoyed any time of year however the village is quite small thus it is best to enjoy her beauty before or after the summer high season. Here is a good website with basic tourist information: Provence & Beyond 

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  1. Us tourists are a complete pain, Nicole- there’s no two ways about it! Sounds like lots of cafe owners are grateful though. Those cliffs are fabulous, and I have a bit of a soft spot for that over-the-top painted door 🙂

    1. Thanks Jo! I loved the red color there. It was so beautiful. I really find Provence special. Love exploring all the little towns and driving through the countryside.

    1. Thanks Kathy! I’ve been meaning to ask you if you’ve had a chance to meet Lisa yet of Zeebra Designs? I don’t know how close she is to you and Sara but I bet it would be so cool!!!

    1. Cool, you were there?! Yes isn’t it a beautiful place. Oh, if only I could have a month and the money to drive all throughout the countryside. Wouldn’t that be a dream? Hmmm…except the screaming, complaining kids!

  2. Your photos, as always, are stunning! I always look forward to seeing what your eye is drawn to, as you quite often have a unique perspective on the landscape.

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