Author’s note: This is my last post on our recent family vacation to Big Sky, Montana. To see other posts on Montana, click here

Mid-week during our ski trip to Montana we opted to try out neighboring Moonlight Basin ski resort. Known as Big Sky’s little sister, Moonlight Basin is smaller, cheaper and humbler yet in my opinion equally if not more beautiful and pristine. We spent a wonderful day skiing there with our dear friends who joined us on the trip. Two families, with two kids each, the same exact age. It was a wonderful day like all the rest.

The day started out iffy. Weather was moving in and it was expected to rain. But we couldn’t complain as the last five days of our trip in Montana had been absolutely spectacular with perhaps the bluest sky I’d ever seen. If all else fails, perhaps we’d have to get a day pass and hang out in Moonlight Basin’s magical, misty pool, slope – side.



But as things turned out, the dark clouds lifted and yet another gorgeous day arrived in the mountains. It wasn’t cloudless like the past five days yet in my opinion equally as beautiful. I was looking forward to capturing some shots with the puffy, gray clouds. I was also looking forward to skiing!

IMG_5875 IMG_5867 IMG_5869 IMG_5868 IMG_5879 IMG_5887 IMG_5890 IMG_5892

Around 10:30, we joined some friends for a family mountain tour with local ski guides. It was a great way to spend the morning exploring this fabulous ski area and we had the entire place pretty much to ourselves. We also finally got that highly coveted family picture, ski helmets and all!

IMG_5886 IMG_5872 IMG_5876 IMG_5883 IMG_5877

As the day winded down, I got a chance to take some runs on my own. There is nothing better than having some time to reflect. I feel so much solitude in the mountains and so much adrenaline when I ski flying down the slopes as fast as my body will bring me. Perhaps that is why I love skiing so much. It brings out the two dichotomies of my personality: Wild and free, and reflective and reserved.

All I know is that I can’t wait to hit the slopes again next year!



  1. Thanks for coming out and giving Moonlight a try guys. Sounds like the day treated you well. Please let us know the next time you are in town. We would love to take some runs and show you around the hill. Hope to see you next season!

    1. I loved it there and have already told many of my friends about Moonlight Basin! I definitely hope to come back. Excellent skiing! And so beautiful!

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