One of my all time favorite cities in the world is Antigua, Guatemala. I could spend days walking its picturesque cobblestone streets colored in rainbow hues and loaded with history. Every building has a story to tell which can be found by looking into the details of the layers of paint and crumbled buildings sprouting with plants.

Follow me along and look carefully at the details of a street in lovely Antigua….

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This post was written in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details. To see more entries, click here.


  1. The colours really bring out the details, and the clouds make the scene look very dramatic! I love these photos 🙂

  2. I loved Antigua. I had some of the best coffee of my life in a cafe there! It was a strange experience though, visiting that city after volunteering in remote highlands outside of Xela– I had grown so accustomed to not understanding the language that by the time I got to Antigua and saw menus in English, it almost felt…wrong! My group and I joke about it being our transition city before flying back to L.A.! It really is a beautiful city though!

    1. Wow, I was in Xela first too! I went for a week of Intensive Spanish and volunteering. Small world! 🙂 I went to Antigua actually because I met a fellow WordPress blogger who lives there! Isn’t that cool?! I have tons of posts about it on my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks! I LOVE Antigua. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been and a photographers dream. I took over 400 pictures in one day and if I was there longer I can only imagine how many I would have taken!!!

  3. The color and texture in the photo that is the second from the end is fantastic—that’s my favorite!

  4. What a beautiful city! I love the colors. South American culture uses such rich colors that American cookie cutters just don’t understand. Reminds me of my time in Brazil 🙂

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