Today was an unforgettable day on the slopes. The sky was a brilliant knock-out blue and the sun was beaming down with joy. We rose feeling a little stiffer after a hard day of skiing but excited for the anticipated adrenaline rush that was before us. In my opinion, there is nothing better than flying down the mountain at lightening speed with the wind whipping in your face. It is the closest I feel to being 20 again.

Here are some of my favorite shots of an unforgettable day.

photo (1)

Ok…this isn’t exactly true but I saw it in the bar last night and thought it was hilarious.

photo (2)

Morning on the slopes.

photo (3)

Heading up on lift 9 to the top. Look at the wind blow off the crest of the Continental Divide. Wow!

photo (4)

It was absolutely freezing on top but the 360 view of the Colorado Rockies took my breathe away.

photo (5) photo (6) photo (7) photo (8) photo (9) photo (10) photo (11) photo (13) photo (14)

Last one of the day….

photo (12)

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  1. i am so glad that you had a great day, and i marvel at your fierce spirit! when my sons were teenagers, my husband i went to vail on a ski trip. on about the third day, i skiied with a group of guys, and they later said had i lost one more article of clothing in my fall, they would have given me a ’10’ —-

    i realized how lucky i was not to have been injured, and i wondered how in the world i would manage being a mother and teacher and wife and commute the 30 miles to school, and hold our house together while in a cast! after that i always voted for vacations in the sun!!!!

    your stories are great, and i love watching you from afar as i cheer from the sidelines!!!

    buen trabajo!

    1. Ha HA…..yeah you’ve got to really be careful. I’ve been skiing all my life and learned when I was three. So glad I learned young as it is like riding a bike. But you do have to take it easy. Would never want to break a leg!

  2. I love the first photo but the rest are SO beautiful! Looks like a great time. We were up skiing ourselves this last weekend. Wonderful warm conditions and soft snow. Not that much snow though 🙁 From your photos it doesn’t look like a lot of snow there either. Am I seeing them right or is it an illusion that the snow looks a bit sparse?

    1. Yes Colorado hasn’t had much snow but actually did have a dump a few days before we skied so we did have some nice powder. Unfortunately though the tops and bowls were relatively bare. It was really windy and swept a lot of snow off. I am really excited as we are taking a family spring break trip to Big Sky in April!!!! Can hardly wait! 🙂 Where did you ski?

  3. Oh my goodness! I wish I could join you. I can almost feel the crisp air and hear the sound of the silence of the snow through your images.

    1. So glad you enjoyed them. There is something so incredibly liberating about skiing. I just love to ski and have my whole life. I love being outdoors and in nature! 🙂

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