As an avid runner, I was thrilled when I first heard of a new app called Charity Miles.  Charity Miles has partnered with a lot of fantastic non-profit organizations and allows you to donate your miles after a run, walk or bike ride to one of their partner charities. All you have to do is download the free app, hit start, and you are on your way to doing good while you work out. Brilliant isn’t it?

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This month, Charity Miles has partnered with the UN Foundation who I am honored to work with as an advocate and volunteer. Together the UN Foundation and Charity Miles is running a #VDay10k Campaign where people can exercise for a good cause using the Charity Miles app. How does it work? Simple.

  • Download the free Charity Miles app to either your iPhone or Android. (Note: Should work anywhere in the world as long as you have a phone so international readers, you can help out too!).   Click here to download for the iPhone. Click here to download for Android


  • Whenever you run, walk (anywhere, even walking the dog counts or while you are shopping) or bike, you can count the miles and then donate the distance to the charity of your choice.
  • Charity Miles will donate 25 cents for every mile you walk or run, and 10 cents for every mile you bike.  Each time you finish your exercise you can share how far you’ve gone via social media.
  • The goal is to help Charity Miles raise $10,000 by the end of the month for participating UN Foundation campaigns including:  Girl Up, where your miles will help a teen girl in a developing country safely attend school, Nothing but Nets where you will help protect a family from malaria, and Shot@Life where your miles will help to provide life-saving vaccines to children around the world that need it most.


Today I’m ready to put my workout distance to use! We just had a beautiful fresh coat of snow so I’m off snowshoeing. I will be sure to count my miles and donate them to Shot@Life (ok, I may be a little biased here since I just got back from DC to advocate for Shot@Life yet rest assured that all the campaigns are excellent and help improve and saves lives). I can hardly wait!


      1. I love walking, and I walk really fast because I’m a city girl. This would be an awesome idea! Thank you so much for sharing! Downloading right away!! Good luck running!!

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