Author’s note: This is the fourth post in my series on my recent trip to Honduras. To read more, click here.

My volunteer work in Honduras was based in La Ceiba, the third largest city in the country, a port town located only an hour and a half ferry ride from Roatan. While researching my trip, I had read that Roatan was a beautiful place and since my flight to Honduras landed there, I thought it would be a good idea to check it out before heading over to the mainland. My plans were to spend a night and morning in Roatan in West Bay and spend another two nights on the island at the other end before my return home to the States.

I did my research and discovered that West Bay has the most spectacular beaches on the island with excellent snorkeling, restaurants and bars right at my fingertips. I didn’t want to spend much so I used TripAdvisor and found the perfect place, West Bay B&B. It was affordable and the location was perfect: Only one short block to the beach!


West Bay B&B, a great find for economically-minded tourists.

I took a chance based on the reviews and was pleasantly surprised. I was graciously welcomed by the owner, Diane, a wonderful American women who had spent time in the Peace Corps and took her kids out of school for a year to travel the world with them (three teenage boys too!). I instantly liked Diane and her quaint little B&B. My only regret was that I wasn’t staying longer.


A nice homey feel and not even five minutes from the beach.


What a perfect place to lounge.


Gorgeous Bougainvillea line the building across the street.


View across the street of the jungly landscape and a gorgeous villa.


I found the location of West Bay B&B to be a charming compromise from the tourist-mecca along the beach. West Bay is indeed stunning with white sand beaches and crystal clear aquamarine water surrounding the second largest barrier reef in the wold (which circles the island and extends all the way to Belize). Yet it is awfully touristy. As soon as I walked onto the beach it felt like I was in Cancun, Mexico not Honduras. There were bronzed, bikini-clad tourists everywhere, beer in hand, music playing and lots and lots of people.


Yet along the street off the beach near my hotel were little places like this one pictured above.

All in all West Bay was a good place to base myself for my first day on the island. I had more than enough good restaurants and bars to choose from, and was perfectly safe as a single traveler to explore the area on my own. And best of all, it had perhaps the best sunset in town.  (You will see more later of the sunset in the next post which will feature this lovely beach!).

Stay tuned….


You’ve got to love a place where the owner closes for snorkeling and sunset!


  1. Lovely descriptive piece with complementary photos. Definitely getting a feel for the place from your little articles. But, what’s this cliffhanger…I have to wait to see the sunset? 🙂 Looking forward to the next instalment!

    1. Ha Ha! No, I didn’t see him stand up but yes I can only imagine he is huge! I wish I could have lounged there all day like that, enjoying the sunshine on my face without worrying about wrinkles! What a life!

    1. I was volunteering on the mainland for a week. I had to fly into Roatan which is more of a resorty place. Then I took the ferry to the mainland on Sunday and did a home stay, took Spanish and volunteered with children. More coming soon on that! I haven’t gotten that far yet in my writing! I’m behind.

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