Clorox may be mostly know for its fabulous bleach however I bet many people don’t know that this global company is also trying to brighten up the future of America’s children through Clorox’s Power A Bright Future K-12 school grant program.

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Lovely Bella Thorne, a teen celebrity and star of  Disney’s “Shake it Up” is working with Clorox to help spread the word and encourage votes from parents and teens in the Power A Bright Future program.  Bella is working closely with Clorox to make sure that K-12 schools can receive funds for programs that encourage students to be creative, active and tech and science savvy.

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Bella Thorne. Photo Credit: Cloxox Power Bright

That’s why for the program’s fourth year, Clorox will award seven grants totaling $200,000 to help fund new or existing school programs.

The nominations are already in however you still have a chance to use your voice and vote.  Now it’s time to make a difference by either sharing this post or voting on the schools.

Here’s how parents, community members and teens 13 and older can get involved:

  • VOTE ONCE A DAY ONLINE AND VIA TEXT—Now through December 19th visit from a computer or mobile phone to do it, and you can check the site for your school’s text-to-vote code. Vote once online and once by text every day!
  • SHARE YOUR PHOTOS ON INSTAGRAM—If you have readers with teens 13 and older, encourage them to follow Bella Thorne on Instagram (@bellathornelovesyou) to see how Power A Bright Future grants can make a difference for K-12 schools. Bella is also calling on teens to tag their own photos on Instagram using #yolopabf to show how a Power A Bright Future grant can make a difference to their school.

Power A Bright Future is a cause that parents and teens can get involved in together to help a K-12 school win a grant up to $50,000. I can’t think of anything more wonderful than that! Hurry to vote and share your stories as the contest ends on December 19th. 

Please feel free to share with friends and families in the U.S.


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