I recently subscribed to the WordPress Daily Prompts to see what kind of inspiration I could find on expanding my writing. I briefly read the prompts but never wrote one until today when I saw one that struck a chord in my heart. I read it and I filled with joy and excitement. I felt like the words were talking exactly to me.

“What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world”. 

I read these words and thought, isn’t this why I am writing my blog in the first place? To use my voice to share my experiences of what I’ve seen in the world, what I’ve learned and most importantly of all, how we can all give back?

I have talked about my voice time and time again in my blog. But today I’d like to share with you what I’m hoping to change in the world with my blog.


I started this blog because I was truly inspired. Inspired by what I’ve seen around the world. The places I’ve been, the people I’ve met and the amazing way that travel has opened my eyes and changed my life. It has always been my hope that others would feel inspired by my stories, photos and blog. There is so much bad news in the press.  I wanted to offer people an alternative way at looking at life. A voice of inspiration, hope and beauty.


Simply stated, we need to care. We can’t just live in a bubble and pretend that there isn’t massive suffering around the world. If we travel, most likely we will see the immense imbalances between the “have’s” and “have-nots”. We will see real poverty, hardship, desperation along with people who are fighting to survive and won’t give up.

It is my desire to show people the world. To introduce my readers to what I have seen, the people I’ve met along the way, and the issues they face, and most importantly, to care.


Commitment to act upon the inequities and injustice in this world. A strong passion and desire to give back to those in need. There are so many ways you can give back. By simply helping someone in need or even just giving a stranger a smile. You can donate your time, your heart, your money, your mind and/or your soul. Social media has made the world a smaller place and also made it possible to make a difference simply by the click of a mouse. You can be an armchair advocate by simply sharing information on the web about issues you feel strongly about and want to change. I do it all the time. It is quick, easy and effective. But we need a commitment by people. A commitment to do something to help make this world a better place.

My dream

Since I started this blog almost two years ago, I would have never imagined how far my voice has come. My readership has grown and more importantly, my friendships have blossomed with fellow bloggers and readers. You all are why I keep writing. The words of support and encouragement have brightened my day and have made me want to try even harder. I couldn’t do it without you.

My blog has also opened many doors to a new path, one that is extremely important to me: A path towards advocacy and giving back. It all began with my work for the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign and has grown into working as an advocate for Results and ONE, two grassroots organizations that fight to end extreme poverty. Two months ago, I also started writing as part of the Global Team of 200, a group of elite bloggers in the US that aim to change the world. Lofty goals, but the sky is the limit in my book.

The last two years have been unexpectadly life-changing. But it has only just begun. I look forward to the journey of my blog and the stories I have yet to tell.


    1. Thank you so much LuAnn! I’m glad that you feel that way and find these posts inspirational. I’m learning too while I’m researching and writing them. 🙂

  1. You are an inspiration, and have been instrumental in helping me take the plunge into the world beyond the blogging world I knew. Thank you so much!

    1. Wow, thank you! I just read your big news and wow, I think it is amazing! If I didn’t have young children I would love to do what you and your husband are doing. But there is always later! I hope you write a lot about it on your blog! WOuld love to also feature you on my Sunday Social Good as a guest post on your move and what you are doing. It will be great!

      1. That would be so great! I would love to that! Let me know how to get you the post and I will work on it :). thank you for reading and following me on this journey.

  2. I stumbled upon your blog and I am so glad I did. I am moved by your goals and though lofty its about time someone stood up and said “this is not okay”. I am so fed up with the rich wanting to get richer while there are so many out there…in our own country….that wonder where they will be sleeping tonight and if it will be on an empty stomach again. I especially like what you wrote about the news, that they focus on the bad when there are really great stories of real hope out there. The time I used to watch the news I now spend reading blogs and I have gotten so much out of it. I am going to subscribe to your blog and I thank you for all that you do. I am not a republican so please don’t misunderstand but in George Bush Senior acceptance speech many years ago he mention the thousand points of light. If one person holds up a light there is a little light but not much but if every single person where to hold up their one small light the whole world would light up. Thank you for your small light….maybe it will inspire everyone and maybe, just maybe, we can light up the world.

    1. Wow, thank you so much for the comment! I know I’m spoiled. I have food to eat, a nice home, a wonderful, loving family and I stay at home with the kids. I also get to travel quite a bit and I have realized through traveling how incredibly fortunate I am and there is no way I can’t be that “light” and stand up. I have dedicated my life to volunteerism and giving back. I agree, we can make a difference and it really isn’t that hard. You don’t have to travel to do it. You can simply write a post, tweet something on social good, call your member of congress or even smile at a stranger. I’m trying to be a better person. Thanks for the encouraging comments! 🙂 I truly appreciate it!

  3. Very well said. I believe that everyone has a responsibility to give back in some way to their community or to the world if they are led to do so. Volunteering and taking time to make a difference in someones life produces the greatest payback in a simple nod, a hug, a smile or a small gesture that makes it all worth while. In your volunteer efforts and in writing and inspiring others, you make a profound difference to your readers which in turn may inspire them to make a difference as well. The ripple effects from blogs is amazing to ponder. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thank you so incredibly much for the comment! It is always nice to know that people are listening and yes, I will keep on blogging and volunteering! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

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