I’m here safe and sound in Washington DC and just had an amazing 12-hour day of conferences. I am here attending the RESULTS International Conference (a grassroots advocacy group focused on ending global poverty and hunger) on behalf of my advocacy work for the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign (an initiative to provide life-saving vaccines in poor countries).

The day has been intense and inspiring. I’ve met advocates from all over the world and have learned an enormous amount in a short period of time. I’m sure I will be writing more about the conference once I get home and have had a chance to digest all this information. However, I wanted to give you a brief summary of the first day’s events.

Overall, it has been exciting, encouraging and full of hope. We are on the brink of making major breakthroughs in so many important issues to humanity such as reaching a potential end date to child preventable deaths, a possible end of AIDS (something absolutely unheard of ten years ago), and a better life for more of the world’s poorest people who live on less than $1.25 per day. Enormous progress has been made. Astounding progress, especially within the last 25 years. Yet, due to politics, economics and varying interests, we could perhaps be on the cusp of loosing a lot of the progress we’ve made. We left tonight with the resolution and determination to fight for the progress we’ve made and the future path we must to continue to follow if we want to end poverty, suffering and disease. Something that is morally intolerable, unthinkable yet changeable.

The bottom line is that:

“We can’t loose this opportunity now and let it slip away. We are here in DC because we all have a voice. A collective voice which provides power to promote change. I’m certainly optimistic and am looking forward to the next several days here in DC, especially our lobby day Tuesday, July 24, where we will meet with the powers at be to affect change”.


In the meantime, my husband Paul is back home taking over my job for the next few days, tending to the kids. Although I’ve left my children many times before, it is always hard and I felt especially bad when my seven-and-a-half-year-old son Max started crying upon my departure. It reminds me of how fortunate I am to be a stay-at-home mom and how meaningful it has been to my children. But it still pulls away at my heart.

I called to check in tonight and apparently the kids are having a blast with dad, of course. Who wouldn’t? Aren’t dads more fun than mom, the disciplinary who is with them 24/7? I laughed because my husband was thinking of me tonight and sent me a few photos via email with the title “Missed blogging opportunity”.

He was thinking of me! Apparently, there was the 18th Annual Art Car Parade tonight around lovely Lake Harriet and the first car to grace the parade was none other than a couch car. A what?I asked confused.

Yes, you heard it right. A couch car. A couch with wheels and an engine, powered by remote control. I nearly died laughing when I saw the photo. At first I thought it was someone parking their couch on the middle of the street, protesting with a bag of chips. Yet, after I saw the next couple of pictures and talked to my husband, I realized it was a real live couch car. Unbelievable.

To show you proof, here are the photos thanks to my husband (always looking out for his wife!). I am also including Paul’s highlights of the best cars of the art car show to make you smile Hope you enjoy!














    1. Jen, wish so much you could have been here. The training has been absolutely amazing and so incredibly inspiring, hopeful and empowering. Wow. I am stunned by it all. We will have to get together in NYC at BlogHer and I can share what I’ve learned but I’m sure Jodi will fill you in as well. 🙂

  1. Good luck for Tuesday’s lobbying. Hoping that you get the desired results. Thanks your hubby for the fantastic photos. I wouldn’t have liked to miss seeing these wonderful ‘cars.’ That couch car is hilarious. 😉

    1. Thanks! It made me laugh especially after an intense day of learning about AIDS/HIV, and all the other preventable deaths in the world. We’ve had an enormous representation from South Africa which has been amazing. Today the Minsiter of Health from SA spoke and I also had the delight of meeting Yvonne, the famous SAfrican singer and activist. Wow, what a day! 🙂

    1. Pretty silly isn’t it?! Had to have a lighter note to my post. We are now learning about HIV/AIDS and of course I thought of you and your work in Haiti as Haitians suffer a huge amount of TB/HIV. It is inspiring to know there are amazing people out there who care so much and dedicate their lives for finding solutions and offering hope. It truly is amazing. Yet the news and media always continues to focus on the bad things that are happening in the world instead of the good. There has been amazing progress made….

  2. Those are funny images. Does the couch guy have a box of cereal or crackers, too?

    That was very thoughtful of your husband to send you those images. What we do with our lives have so much more meaning when we have caring, loving partners, family, and friends who support us in our journey.

    1. I’m not exactly sure what kind of snacks he had on board. I thought it was hilarious though. What creativity! As for my husband, yes he is amazing and always supports me to follow my dreams. I am so grateful for that as well as his love and companionship. 🙂

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