A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of spending the weekend at one of our friend’s cabins in northern Minnesota on lovely Rabbit Lake. Minnesota, land of over 10,000 lakes, is known for its cabin life, a common way many lucky Minnesotans spend their summers. Many cabins are passed down from generation to generation while some are being torn down and rebuilt into obnoxious “McMansions” on some of the larger, more popular lakes. Our friends were fortunate to find a “fixer-uper” on a nice-sized low occupancy lake awash with loons, birds and a mini island for exploration. I couldn’t think of a better place to spend my summer days!

White powderpuff clouds glide effortlessly above us on Rabbit Lake.

We left early on a Friday morning and arrived just in time to beat the traffic heading north and enjoy the splendid lake. Our friends had all the toys possible ranging from a large, open-air pontoon boat, a three-seater jet ski, a pair of double kayaks and of course a paddle boat. They also have two children, a boy and girl, the same age as ours, so our kids had playmates while the adults could enjoy some much needed social time (if you aren’t a parent of young children, then you probably don’t understand what a rarity it is and a treat!). 

Here are some of the fun things we enjoyed during our weekend at Rabbit Lake….hope you enjoy and get the summer spirit soaring (or shall I say “swimming”)….

The kids gearing up for a pontoon ride around the lake.

Max loving life.

Beautiful, verdant green lilly pads dotted the shore of the lake, glistening in the sun.

Water droplets shining like a diamond.

Gorgeous ferns lifting to the sun.

Kayaking was great fun. There were lots of interesting parts of the lake to explore, especially a secret mini island where loons and other birds nest.

Small cabins and cottages dot the lake. No McMansions here, thank goodness!

Old-fashioned fun….paddle boating.

Paul and the kids ready to roll.

Pretty purple flower.

My feet sunning the way in my green kayak.

Of course with Sophia in front, guiding the way towards the small island of the loons.

We found our first lilly bursting up towards the light.


Opening up to the sun. In the evening and early morning, the lilies close and are roused back to life by mid-afternoon.

Like a diamond, we saw the lone white lilly and paddled over for a closer look.

So beautiful!

Later that day, Paul and I went exploring a small waterway that finally opened up at the end of the lake. There had been massive rain and flooding allowing us to enter a once off-limits canal.

It went on forever but our arms didn’t!

I found this purple flower growing near the edge. Gorgeous!

As the sun began to set, the melodic cry of the loons echoed across the silent lake. It was time to stoke up the fire, roast some s’mores and enjoy the last bit of light.

Stay tuned….sunset on Rabbit Lake is coming up next!


    1. I’d be thrilled! Please let me know ehb it is up!i have another great toe pic from Santorini which I haven’t posted yet. I can send it if you like. Just let me know.

      1. If it’s from the same location, that would be great, otherwise we can post the second one separately. Thanks again!

    1. Great! I’ll have to check it out when I get a moment. I’m traveling now and will also send you that Santorini toe shot when I get back! 🙂 Thanks so much! I hope you get a lot of hits!

  1. Hello! Loved your Rabbit Lake photos….we are actually looking into buying a cabin there soon!! I love the WOman Lake chain, but is getting less and less affordable…. =( I take it you LOVED Rabbit?

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