Ok. I tried really hard to give my blog a break but I simply can’t do it. My friend over at the Wanderlust Gene is certainly laughing as she reads this post, shaking her head saying I told you so!

But no worries, I am slowing down and relaxing thoroughly. Yesterday I went on the Banana Boat where me along with eight others were pulled behind a speedboat, screaming at the top of our lungs and battling with all our might to stay on. The man next to me was riding with his three kids and asked where mine were. I laughed and said it was too scary for them and I was in their place. It’s fun being a kid for a day! I think I’ll do the banana boat every day.

This week since I am on vacation I have decided it would be fun to send a photo a day from the trip. Nothing hard. Just fun!

For today, this is the photo I chose. My favorite subject. The old, rusty fishing boat parked next to our cottage. I spiced it up with a cool filter to make it look more like a piece of Impressionist art. I thought it turned out pretty cool! Enjoy!



    1. You too! Hope you are enjoying your week Renee! It hit 100 degrees in Minneapolis today. Thank goodness we are here in Nisswa….where it is only 90! Now who is it that believe MN never gets hot? 🙂

    1. It is very addictive! I have always loved to write, more than any other hobby, except perhaps running. It is the way I can sort my racing mind. When I began blogging, I had no idea what to expect. I had started my first fiction novel and worked on it over a year, managing only 100 pages. Then decided it was way too hard to try to write like this with two young children at the time. Thus I gave blogging a whirl. I love it as it not only allows me to write and express myself and my emotions, memories and journey, but it also allows for new friendships and feedback that I would never get if I was sitting in my home typing up a draft of a book at ten at night. It really feels great to have a voice and be heard by people who inspire you, appreciate you and understand you. 🙂

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