Finding the perfect Bed and Breakfast (B&B) in Antigua is no easy task. The picturesque UNESCO World Heritage City boasts tons of excellent, beautiful hotels and B&Bs, ranging from very affordable to quite pricey.  I knew that after a week’s stay with a large host family in Xela that I would want something nice, quiet and convenient to the center of town.  So I did what I always do while planning a trip:  Consulted my two favorite hotel sources, Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor.

Finding the right hotel or B&B is always something I do before leaving on a trip.  Other than that, I usually don’t do a lot of other planning before going somewhere new because I like to discover it for myself and figure out once I’m there how to organize my day.  Since hotel research is my only real trip planning I thoroughly enjoy it and use my time online perusing the various hotels and comparing each one by looking at the photos and reading the comments from past guests.  It is my time to get excited about venturing to a new place and picture myself there.

My home away from home while in Antigua.

Lonely Planet has a great selection of places yet I ended up going with Trip Advisor instead because I like having the guest comments.  The comments helped me figure out exactly where the hotel was located.  I found this information extremely useful since I was traveling alone as a woman and wanted to make sure my hotel would be within safe walking distance to town.  Yes you can look at the town maps but that doesn’t always tell you how far it is to walk and what the street is like.  Thus comments are key for me.

After reviewing several places, I ended up selecting Hotel Tradiciones Antigua, a lovely, quaint B&B only a short five block walk to Parque Central, the heart of town.   My choice ended up being a good one as I was not disappointed.  Hotel Tradiciones Antigua is an amazing, relaxing hotel with charming, friendly staff and a gorgeous ambiance.  After an overwhelming week of hard core language classes, living with a host family of ten and lots of traveling, I had found the perfect refuge for finally a hot shower, peace and quiet and some rest and relaxation.  I would go back in a heartbeat!

Here are some photos of my perfect B&B…..

Once inside the B&B there is a large, open-air courtyard with a beautiful water fountain and lots of colorful flowers.  I love the fresh air.  

Lovely jacaranda trees line the building.  

On the rooftop there is a secret hangout for extra relaxation and a nice view.  

To show you that there is indeed some money in Guatemala, this is the neighbors house….a private residence.  Absolutely stunning.  

Plus their garden was amazing too.  

Inside the hotel is a main breakfast room where each morning a delicious meal is prepared.  I was the only guest there so it felt funny eating alone but the interior was so lovely I kept myself busy.  

My single room was located on the ground level right behind this sitting area.  For an extra splurge, there is a suite on the second floor (I peaked inside as no one was staying there). 

The streets around my hotel were full of life and activity.  I spent some time hanging out on the corner snapping pictures of my all time favorite subject….modes of transportation!  (And yes, the different colors of the Guatemalan Chicken Buses!).

There are hundreds of wonderful hotels in Antigua.  I think it would be a great place to just hang out and relax for a week or two or three……and feel completely spoiled without breaking the bank.

Stay tuned…..Next stop will be a tour through the different ruins and churches of Antigua.  

To read my review on Trip Advisor, click here.  


  1. It WAS beautiful and I love that in Antigua secret beauties lie hidden behind painted walls! I’m always discovering new pockets of paradise here!!!

    1. Great point Lucy! I forgot to add that and did think about the fact that the entrance is somewhat uninteresting but as always in Guatemalan homes and hotels, behind the doors is always the surprise!

      1. That’s one of the things I love about here. No matter how long you’re here for there’s always another hidden oasis to discover behind bougainvillea strangled walls!!!

  2. Wow, to imagine that you had this entire place to yourself! What a lovely retreat and a reward for those intensive Spanish lessons!

  3. Looks like the perfect place to stay! The Gautemalan Govt should pay you for promoting this place. I’m sure Antigua is on all your readers bucket list by now 🙂

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