The perfect B&B in Antigua

Finding the perfect Bed and Breakfast (B&B) in Antigua is no easy task. The picturesque UNESCO World Heritage City boasts tons of excellent, beautiful hotels and B&Bs, ranging from very affordable to quite pricey.  I knew that after a week’s stay with a large host family in Xela that I would want something nice, quiet and convenient to the center of town.  So I did what I always do while planning a trip:  Consulted my two favorite hotel sources, Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor.

Finding the right hotel or B&B is always something I do before leaving on a trip.  Other than that, I usually don’t do a lot of other planning before going somewhere new because I like to discover it for myself and figure out once I’m there how to organize my day.  Since hotel research is my only real trip planning I thoroughly enjoy it and use my time online perusing the various hotels and comparing each one by looking at the photos and reading the comments from past guests.  It is my time to get excited about venturing to a new place and picture myself there.

My home away from home while in Antigua.