Me, before being a thirdeyemom, on the South Island of New Zealand, with Mount Cook across the aquamarine lake.

I always find it hard starting a new series of posts.   I find myself delaying that first step and sitting at my computer with that dreaded writer’s block trying to conjure up the enthusiasm for beginning anew.

My China posts were so easy and a pleasure to write for several reasons.  First of all, the trip was recent and fresh in my mind.  Second of all, I took over 800 pictures and kept meticulous pages of notes.  And last of all, I traveled with a blogger’s mindset and in particular, my “third-eye” approach.   I used my “third eye” to expand my horizon and search out things I wouldn’t normally see.  Thus, my trip to China was by far one of the most enriching trips I’ve taken and wound up being a pleasure to write about.

I thought long and hard about whether or not I could write a series of posts on a place I visited over ten years ago.  New Zealand.  It was a road trip my husband and I took in November 2002.  I don’t have 800 pictures.  The photos all had to be scanned.  And, it was a long time ago.  Hmmm…..would it possible?

Yes, I decided.  Why not?

What I do have is one ten-year-old handwritten journal, a photo album filled of memories and a passion for sharing my travels around the world, especially with my most favorite places like New Zealand. So why not?  I am going to give it a whirl and tell you about my two weeks of heaven in Middle Earth, the land of The Lord of the Rings.  A place that captured my heart and soul and ranked one of the top trips of all time.

After reading this series of posts you will agree that New Zealand is one of the loveliest places on earth.  And I can’t wait to share it with you!

Stay tuned….


  1. I’m sure you will have no problem writing about New Zealand even if it was over ten years ago. It is such a beautiful country with so much to offer.
    Looking forward to seeing New Zealand through your “eye.”

    1. Thanks Rory! I only wish I could go again now with a better camera. These pictures are quite grainy but they are still beautiful. I am excited to revisit NZ!

  2. NIcole,
    I am looking forward to your series. I was in the South Island back in December 2000 and it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. North Islands is not bad either.

    1. Thanks Dan! We went to both islands and I must say I liked the South the best. I wish I had more pictures but oh well. How would I have known ten years ago that I would use them as a blogger?!

  3. I’m looking forward to this series! I’ve never been, but I’ve heard so many wonderful things from other folks.

    I’m also envious that you have a journal that you can draw from! There are so many trips that I took pre-digital camera and pre-blog that I wish I could share but I wouldn’t have enough photos and/or recollection of the details in order to do so. Your post reminded me that even if I stop blogging, I should still remember to keep notes for me.

    1. Thanks! I rate NZ as one of my all time favorite places I’ve ever been. If you could fit it in to your around the world I’m sure you wouldn’t regret it. It is absolutely spectacular and the people are amazing. I only scanned 80 pics in total. The quality isn’t that good and makes me believe, wow, the pictures would really be amazing if I went again today with my new camera! I have a stack of 30 journals that I have kept over the years. I am so glad I have them as they document my life starting in college until right after the birth of Sophia. Then I became too busy to write! But I do treasure them and enjoy opening them up sometimes over a glass of wine and looking back into the past!

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