Hello Readers! Greetings from China!

I’ve been here for two full exhilarating days now and am beyond tired. I have more things to write about after 48 hours than I can believe. It is a fascinating place!

Unfortunately, I’ve figured out after the first day that the strong arm of the Republic of China has blocked access to my beloved WordPress site as well as Facebook and Twitter. Unless you have a proxy, it is extremely difficult to get on these banned sites. Thus, to my disappointment I am unable to blog while I’m in China. I also cannot access any other features of the site including the comments. I can read them via email yet cannot reply so please hang tight. I will respond to your comments and continue blogging when I return home on November 6th (that is, of course, after I get over the jet lag…it is 13 hours ahead for me here!).

I am so excited to write about what I’ve seen and experienced here in China. In just two days, I’ve taken over 100 pictures and have written meticulous notes. I will have lots of great, interesting stories to share! I have constantly had to remind myself to use the “third-eye” approach. It has been an extreme culture shock here yet after two days now I’m feeling more myself.

So, please hold on tight. There will not be any posts for at least a week unless for some reason I’m able to get onto WordPress or can bother my husband again to post them for me (I am emailing him my posts and he is entering them on my site yet we are not including any photos since it is too much of a hassle).

In the meantime, if you are interested in hearing more of my stories, I have over 100 posts accumulated so far thus there is plenty to read. Check out my journeys to Morocco, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Iceland, Nepal, India or more.

As always, thanks for reading!



  1. They don’t have freedom of speech there so blogging might create a new revolution or uproar from the public since you can say whatever you like about the government. I lived in Vietnam before and the Communist government blocked Facebook, Cnn, or BBC as well. I had to use Ultrasulf to get over it.

    1. THanks for the response. I am just going over all my comments so sorry for the delay. What is Ultrasulf? Must be some kind of proxy service. I have been reading a lot about China lately and they are really having issues trying to control the internet especially the CHinese version of Twitter/Facebook called Sin Weibo (spelling?). It will be real interesting to see how the strong arm of the Chinese government can continue to control this rapid, changing technology.

  2. I look forward to your China posts. I have heard about the ban and know several people who have been affected by it. I don’t get jet lag. I have never had it. I just hit the ground running in my new country and that is that – lucky I guess.

  3. Enjoy your time away from blogging. At least now you can concentrate 100% on the experience! Look forward to hearing about your trip. I was in China about 17 years ago so it will be interesting to hear how it has changed.

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