The Best of 2015: Looking back over a wonderful year

Just like that the year is coming to a close. It feels like yesterday when I was thinking the same thing. Time just seems to go way too fast. It is frightening at times but I’ve realized that you can’t dwell. Time is time and it goes rather quickly when you are doing the things you love. 2015 was another year of amazing growth and travels. It was much better than 2014 which was a difficult year for me.

I finally had the time to become more committed to my writing. My children are both old enough that I have the freedom to do a little more for myself which is bittersweet. My son has already turned 11 meaning he is over half way through his childhood before he leaves home. That is a sobering thought! My daughter is already nine. It is hard to believe it.

As always I try to focus on the positive, beautiful things in my life. It is the only way to live. Looking back at 2015, here are some of my greatest moments and memories.