Grand View Flowers


Nostalgic view of historic Grand View Lodge which was built in 1919 along lovely Gull Lake in Nisswa, MN.

It is our last morning at historic Grand View Lodge and it is time to pack up and leave for home. It has been another stellar vacation here and I feel so relaxed that I’ve moved on to my restless nature. It is time to leave.

Last night, we had perhaps the most beautiful, colorful sunset of our trip here. The heavy storm clouds that had been tormenting us for the last three nights finally began to lift while the setting sun cast hues of pinks, purples and oranges across the pastel blue lake. In the distance, I heard the calling wail of a loon, the Minnesota State bird. It was utterly unbelievable and quite a send off. I will be sharing those photos soon.

In the meantime, I thought I’d send some pictures of the beautiful summer flowers that dot the landscape around the Grand View Lodge. This year they are spectacular and the best I’ve seen since coming here three years ago. Enjoy!


Photography: If a rose could last forever

Remember back in early and mid-Spring, I did a series of posts on the perennial gardens over near Lake Harriet?  (click here to see most recent post). I found some delightful surprises that captivated my soul and I’ve gone back several times since to see what new has come up.

The biggest attraction of all of course is the Rose Garden which blooms each summer in hundreds of colors and types of roses.  When it is in full bloom, it is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in the city.

I’d been watching the Rose Garden often during my daily runs around the lake and nothing  had transpired since the last time I’d checked.  However, Monday was entirely different.  Sophia and I set off on a bike ride along the lakes and on our way home I noticed a blur of color as we passed by the Rose Garden.  I wondered out loud….is it ready?


A springtime visit to the Bird Sanctuary and Trial Gardens

Last Friday, we finally had a sunny day!  As they love to say in Minnesota, April showers bring May flowers.  However, this year due to an extremely early arrival of Spring, things have played out a little bit differently. The flora that we would normally be seeing in mid-May has come about a month early and is peaking now.

Remember that post I did on the gorgeous Spring flowers I saw last month in Virginia?  Well, those same lovely flowers such as the crab apple and cherry trees, tulips, daffodils and irises are now blooming here.  Even the wonderfully, fragrant purple lilacs are in bloom sweeping a delicious, sweet smell into my house.  The only thing left to come are the peonies.

Minnesota TRAVEL BY REGION United States

Photography: From Minnesota with love

I couldn’t help myself. I am overwhelmed by the beauty of spring and the delightful array of colorful spring flowers.

I believe strongly that nature can heal you.  Enlighten you.  And brighten your soul.  I was drawn to visit the Minnesota Arboretum in the outlying suburbs for an afternoon of photo taking and embracing the beauty of mother nature’s rebirth and revival.

Hope you enjoy!  No worries, too.  After this post, I’m back to Guatemala with a visit to some of Antigua’s famous ruins!  

The tulips were so brilliant, they hurt my eyes. 


The Power of Flowers: Spring in Minnesota

When I was planning out my travel schedule this year, it never occurred to me that I would have the fortuitous opportunity of experiencing three Springs.  Spring is one of my favorite times of year.  After a long, cold, brutal, colorless winter suddenly there is a huge rebirth of color and everything comes to life.  This rebirth of life brings so much joy to me that at times I find myself engulfed in absolute spring fever madness.

I can’t concentrate.  I can’t stand to be indoors.  My heart and soul are bursting with energy to be outside and to be alive once again.  I want to run faster.  I want to breathe freer.  My soul is begging me to be outside, experiencing the thrill of mother nature at her finest.

Photo of tulip bursting with color and brightness and growing towards the sun…


The simple beauty of spring tulips

I have been in Virginia for less than 48 hours yet it has been enough time for me to go absolutely crazy enjoying the rebirth of nature and the flowers abound. I am concerned that I have become a tad bit obsessive but the spring flowers here are so spectacular that I can hardly stand it. So here it is. An entire post on the sensational flowers I saw today in a garden in Colonial Williamsburg. Hope you enjoy!